A Dad Models His Daughter’s Crocheted Crop Tops and Wins Hearts on the Internet

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Today, facing people’s prejudice regarding our looks is not rare. However, it doesn’t scare Jeff Beaver, the hero of our article, at all. Supporting his daughter’s business, Jeff is ready to try on hundreds of different crotched clothes, proving there’s nothing a man can’t do.

We at Bright Side are inspired by the courage and bravery of the Beaver family, and we want to share their story with our readers.

Jeff’s daughter, Emily, started her business several years ago.

In 2015, Emily Beaver transformed her passion for crocheting into a small business.

However, it didn’t find its momentum until 2021, when her father stepped in and started modeling the crop tops and shorts his daughter sews. Jeff is up to wearing everything and anything Emily creates, and he feels completely comfortable in his body. “My dad never really hesitated to help me,” Emily says. “He’s always been a huge supporter of me and my work.”

Jeff’s input was really a breakthrough.

Emily started crocheting specifically for herself, however, as she wrote on her website, “I very much enjoyed seeing my creations on friends and the joy they got from wearing my art.” The first one to appear as a crop top model on Emily’s Instagram was her mother. When the video with her mother did well, Emily asked her dad to participate.

Jeff was happy to get involved. “The internet totally ate it up, and every time I included my parents, I knew that there was something special about the concept of a family wearing crochet tops together,” Emily shares.

And he’s not planning on stopping.

The family business turned out to be so successful that Emily quit her regular job and focused completely on crotching and content-making. Today, she has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram and more than 600,000 on TikTok. Jeff is excited to stir up the interest of the audience even more. “My dad doing whatever it takes to sell my crochet tops,” Emily comments on the video of her father climbing a ladder to take a picture on the roof.

The prejudice they face doesn’t depreciate the importance of their business.

Seeing Jeff modeling, some people made fun of him and claimed it was inappropriate for a man to expose himself the way he did. However, Jeff and Emily “try not to take negative comments to heart,” as Emily explains. However, the amount of positive feedback beats it all. “It’s hard to be negative about a family that has fun together,” Emily says.

“The most valuable part of our work together is the quality time we spend together laughing and making fun videos,” she adds.

The Beaver family is getting used to the fame.

It was not hard for Emily to involve her parents in the content-making process. They were living together when she started her business, and the 3 of them are quite creative. The passion they share helped them to quickly adapt to popularity and start enjoying it. “The attention is a lot of fun!” Emily says.

“We never knew how big this would get, but we are embracing the excitement!” she adds.

What do you think about the Beaver family’s business? Do you have a passion you share with your loved ones?


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