A Father of 3 Described How “Simple” His Wife’s Life Day Is, and His Post Stirred Thousands

5 years ago

Brad Kearns is a writer and a father of 3 children. In his blog DaDMum, he talks about parenthood and family life. Readers love his words for their warmth and honesty, but one of his posts on Facebook impressed his subscribers a lot. This was a post about a seemingly ordinary day in his wife’s life. Read it and you will understand why thousands of people shared his post about the ordinary day of a mother.

Bright Side asked for Brad’s permission to share his post with you.

"Massive day at work today. We have our monthly senior leadership meeting. I have to travel for a 5-hour roundtrip split by car and train.

Then, when I finally get started, I have to sit there all day and do important work stuff and have big work conversations. It’s exhausting.

And what’s my wife doing? Not much really.

All she has to do is get 2 boys up, dressed, and fed while breastfeeding the third.

Then no doubt they’ll need to be taken outside or to a park to get all that energy out. How easy is that? All she has to do is organize their bags, find their hats, pack some snacks and a spare change of clothes, and buckle them into the car.

Then while they’re there she’ll have to feed the baby again because that’s what she does. Without letting go of him, she’ll have to interact with and help the others on and off swings and stimulate them enough to not get bored. It’s easy really.

Then they’ll come home where she’ll fix their lunch. They probably won’t eat it. Then, while trying to get them to rest, she’ll jump online and do some online shopping. Groceries... What a life! Pffft... As if you wouldn’t just go to the supermarket with 3 kids on your own.

No doubt in the afternoon they’ll be demanding to ride their bikes, scooters, go-karts, and run around out back. She’ll probably just sit around and feed Teddy again. At 4 PM, they’ll start getting tired again and get grumpy. She’ll fight with them about stupid little things like, “don’t hit your brother.” I know right...

Then, at 5 PM, she’ll want to know where I’m at and how I’m tracking. Groceries are about to be delivered and the boys are going crazy. Teddy needs to be held and she has to feed them and begin their nightly routine. I’ll probably reply with a, “call you back,” message because I’m too busy.

She’ll prepare their dinner, watch them eat, run their bath, and dress them for bed all in an hour with one hand because she is still holding Teddy. Exhausted from non-stop torment and not a second to herself all day, she’ll call me again to see where I’m at. She’ll be tired, smelly, frustrated, and sick of being touched. She’ll be irritable, yucky, and want nothing more than a shower, a shampoo, and a hot cup of tea.

I’ll get into the house at 7:30 after my massive day. She’ll be just chilling on her phone near a toddler because they are struggling to go to sleep and I bet the groceries are still out because she managed to get just the fridge stuff put away.

I’ll probably even have to prepare our dinner.

On the weekend she’ll tell Knox he has a motorbike because “daddy works very hard for our family.”

Like I said, today’s a massive day for me. Thank you Mrs. DaDMuM for everything you do for us. You’re the glue."

After reading this text, we wanted to call other mothers and thank them for the hard work they did. What impression did this post make on you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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He is a very wise, loving husband and I bet an even better father for his understanding of how to appreciate all that his wife does do. thank you for the article.


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