A Female Bodybuilder Stuns People Online With Her “Barbie” Looks

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Known as the “Shredded Kendall Jenner,” Vladislava Galagan has gained widespread attention online for challenging gender stereotypes with her appearance. The female bodybuilder isn’t afraid of pairing her extremely muscular physique with elegant dresses, and her looks have gotten her almost 2 million followers on social media.





The 28-year-old began her fitness journey at the gym in 2012. As her physique kept getting more sculpted, she transitioned to bodybuilding competitions and eventually ventured into fitness modeling.

Galagan garnered a significant social media following by sharing training videos and personal photos and with her popularity increase, came the comments about her seeming like a muscular version of Kendall Jenner. “I don’t really know how they see it. I guess there are some similarities. It’s not how I brand myself, but they like a mix of my face and my body,” she said in an interview.





Despite her success, Galagan still faces skepticism when it comes to her physique. “People tell me my muscles are photoshopped because they can’t believe someone who looks like me could be so strong,” she admitted.

Not everyone thinks they can achieve their ideal look in the gym though. Some feel the need to turn to cosmetic surgery in order to transform themselves. The people in this article did so and the final results are just as mind-blowing.

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Looks beautiful...lot of hard work to achieve this wonderful body and wonderful looks to go with it..well done


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