A Girl Tied a Written Wish to a Flying Balloon, and When a Man From Another Country Found It, He Made It Come True

3 years ago

As we grow up and stop believing in Santa Claus, fairytales, and anything to do with magic, we also risk thinking that dreams are just a kid’s fantasy. Children, with their innocent eyes and their view of a world that knows no limits between the real and the magical, teach us that kindness and love can make anything possible.

Bright Side believes that all dreams can come true. We bring you this beautiful story of a man who devised a plan to fulfill the wish of a girl from another country who he did not know, but who he wanted to make happy.

It all started when a balloon with a wish tied to it flew thousands of kilometers away, like magic.

It was December when Amin Adzhiev, a farmer from Karachay-Cherkessia, casually looked up at the sky and, to his surprise, discovered that a strange white object was descending in his direction. As he approached it, he saw that it was a balloon with a letter attached to it. He wanted to read it, but it was in a language he did not understand. The little he could discern was that it had been written by a little girl. The whole thing was a bit unusual (let’s be honest, not everyone happens to encounter a balloon with an illegible message attached to it), so he decided to ask his friends for help. They shared the story on social media so that someone could translate the note and find out who the writer was and what she had written.

He discovered that the letter was written in German, that it was addressed to Santa Claus, and that it was signed by a girl named Sophia who, it seemed, was 9 years old. The little girl, who lived in Austria, told Santa that she dreamed of getting a fairytale princess dress, a tent in the shape of a medieval castle, a scarf, and a hoverboard for Christmas. She ended her note by asking for “a lot of love for everyone so that people no longer argue so much.”

So he started a plan to fulfill Sophia’s wish.

Reading the little girl’s note, Amin decided to become her Santa Claus and started a fundraiser to buy her gifts by Christmas. But this noble and seemingly simple feat had some significant complications: they had to find out where Sophia lived and raise enough money to cover the costs. And he had to do all of that before December 25, so that the girl could get her gifts by Christmas. “All my friends, from everywhere, including Moscow, quickly raised the money,” he said proudly. But they still had to figure out who she was, and not willing to give up, users of the network began an outstanding detective job.

The fundamental clue to discovering her identity and whereabouts was on the balloon, which had a stamp from the Oberndorf Museum. Some people contacted this place, which informed them that the balloons had been released by children who had been given the task of writing requests for Christmas. So they obtained a list of the participants, found the names of Sophia’s parents, and set out to do the hard work.

A dream that transcended borders

Finally, they managed to get in touch with the girl’s family. It was a big surprise for Stefan, Sophia’s father, when one day he received a message in Russian on a social network. The note informed him that the balloon his daughter had launched just days ago had surprisingly arrived in another country, where unknown people had found it, and that they were more than willing to fulfill his daughter’s wish. It must have been a sensation very similar to the one Amin had when he first discovered that same balloon.

Sophia’s family contributed to the cause by accepting the initiative with great joy. The little girl’s new Santa Claus was able to purchase and send her requests on time, and they even hired a Santa actor to bring her the gifts!

A dream that became very popular.

Both the Austrian and Russian media were very interested in covering the story of the little girl and the balloon of wishes. When she was interviewed, Sophia told local media that the experience had made her want to learn Russian. She also revealed that she would definitely send another balloon with Christmas wishes next year to see where it ends up. Who knows? If your wishes are fulfilled once, maybe it could happen again.

This news transcended the borders of the 2 countries and became world news. Beyond the fact that a balloon managed to travel more than 1,450 miles without exploding, which is already a surprising fact that transcends all logic, history can show us that magic does, in fact, exist. Magic is not found in fairytales or in magic lamps, nor in Santa Claus, but is instead hidden in the kindness of people like those in this story, who came together from different parts of the world to make a little girl’s wish into reality.

Do you think that dreams can come true? Do not hesitate to leave any wishes you have in the comment section! Who knows? Maybe someone who reads this will want to fulfill it for you.


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