A Guy Transforms Old Tires Into Cute Animal Beds, and This Way to Help the Planet Touched Thousands

4 years ago

With the more than 2 billion tons of garbage getting lost at sea and in dumps each year, it's almost impossible to find stories of people who are willing to change that and transform waste into value. But that's exactly what a 24-year-old Brazilian craftsman does every day.

The Bright Side team loves sharing bright news. Here’s the story of a guy who gave a second life to the useless waste he found on the streets.

Amarildo Silva is 24 years old and lives in Paraíba, Brazil. He works as a store cashier during the day, but what has captured the world's attention is his simple, yet valuable, contribution to sustainability.

In his spare time, he collects and transforms discarded tires into eco-friendly animal beds. With the help of his family, he gathers every tire he can find on the streets or in dumps.

He cleans them, paints them, and adds a small circular mattress to make comfortable beds for pets.

He started selling them through ​​​​​​​Instagram and he quickly became famous.

Over 2 years Amarildo sold more than 500 pieces.

Currently, he only delivers inside the country of Brazil but he’s got orders from Europe, North America, and Asia.

What began as a way to make some extra money for his family...

Turned into a valuable product that also helps the environment.

The idea was a huge success and now this craftsman also makes flowerpots and recycling containers.

In his spare time, he also takes care of abandoned animals.

And speaks in public schools about his projects, in order to bring awareness to the younger generations.

What started as a small and ecological business idea became an initiative that can really help to save the environment.

What do you do to help clean our planet? Do you know any inspiring ecological movement that’s worth sharing? Share with us in the comments below!


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