A Japanese Artist Creates Cozy Worlds Where Humans Are Trying to Make Peace With Nature, and the Message Is Powerful

5 years ago

A Japanese artist nicknamed Kubo draws giant creatures and magic landscapes. The creatures living in these incredible worlds are often fluffy and friendly, and people are tiny and slightly lost. Kubo shows how our lives would be if we switched roles with animals, explaining that this is the best way to understand them and befriend nature.

Bright Side is excited to give you a chance to have a look at Kubo’s illustrations. Believe us when we say, you’ll want to plunge into this magic world!

If cats were big, we’d spend all day long sleeping on them.

Encountering the ultimate happiness

When you’re tired and want to be a baby penguin:

Unexpected paws

A vegetarian guard

This is what inspiration looks like:

A big cat watching a small human

People offering their friendship

We all need more pandas.

His Long-Eared Majesty

“Please let me in! It’s raining cats and dogs!”

An ominous guardian

My dear raccoon

When you just can’t help singing:

A fluffy cloud

Polar bears are the best guardians.

Unusual guests

Comfort and calmness

“Don’t be afraid, Little Red Riding Hood.”


A curious fox

When we’re fed up with everything, we pack our bags and leave.

How do you feel now? We just want to go find a giant fluffy cat and hide in its fur from other people and our problems. Do you think that was the artist’s main message?

Preview photo credit Cubo/ twitter


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If the animals were this big, maybe we would take more care of the planet! ?


I think the main message of the artist was to show that we need to live with harmony with nature! :)


True Claire. This Art is putting across a Powerful message of Living in Harmony with Nature. The Art is Awesome, Strong & Deep ?.


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