A Lady Was Bullied For Her Looks, Now Becomes the First Redhead to be Crowned Miss England

6 months ago

Jessica Gagen was 26 years old when she emerged victorious, surpassing 30 other beauty queens to claim the title of Miss England. However, her triumph goes beyond the crown, with a compelling story of resilience and self-empowerment.

She defied prejudice due to her natural red hair.

Jessica, known for her natural red hair, faced hardships that shaped her journey. Despite the challenges, she embraced her uniqueness, proving that “everything is good when it ends well.”

Studying aerospace engineering and pursuing a modeling career, Jessica reflected on her challenging teenage years in secondary school, aiming to rebuild her self-confidence.

While not extensively discussed in the previous competition, Jessica, recognizing the absence of red-haired Miss England winners, felt compelled to raise awareness about the challenges redheads face in school.

She soon turned the table.

Jessica recounted difficult times in 7th grade, resorting to eating lunch in the school bathroom. Determined to inspire others, she asserted, “I’m determined to show kids who are facing the same thing that it won’t happen forever.” Her modeling career took flight after signing at 18, boosting her confidence on international catwalks.

Becoming Miss England

Despite finishing as a runner-up the previous year, Jessica was relentless in her determination to triumph. In the 94-year history of the pageant, she made history as the first red-haired Miss England, securing the coveted title in 2022.

First red head in the history.

Jessica’s Miss England participation aimed to inspire girls in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. “But after realizing there has never been a redhead winner, I looked back, and I thought, there are not that many redheads on TV,” reflecting on the lack of redhead representation, she emphasized the scarcity of redheads on TV.

Post-victory, Jessica expressed the significance of representing younger kids, encouraging them to turn challenges into strengths. “I have been through it, and you can use that pain to raise your game,” she shared, advocating for resilience as a superpower.

Many individuals, like the inspiring woman in this story, have faced challenging times. She once grappled with embarrassment over her appearance but ultimately captured the hearts of many through her remarkable strength and resilience.


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