A Man Collected Pennies for 45 Years and the Amount of Money Left the Bank Speechless

5 months ago

We’ve all had that moment where we pick up a stray penny on the sidewalk, perhaps without much thought. But for Otha Anders, collecting pennies became more than just a casual hobby — it turned into a 45-year practice of gratitude and reflection.

The beginning of a unique collection

Otha Anders started collecting pennies in the late 1960s. His intentions weren’t to gain wealth, but he simply enjoyed the practice. Even when the US government started a program offering $125 for every $100 worth of pennies turned in, Anders was uninterested. The collection held sentimental value for him.

For Anders, collecting pennies became more than a pastime. In reality, it became a spiritual practice. He saw each penny as a reminder to pause and express gratitude. Whether he found a penny while gassing up his car, on the ground, or in a store, it was an opportunity for him to appreciate the moment.

A reminder to be thankful

Anders noticed a correlation between his daily gratitude and the appearance of pennies. On days when he felt less thankful, a penny would seemingly appear, serving as a gentle reminder to appreciate what he had. This daily ritual added a unique layer of meaning to his collection.

Anders also remained firm in a remarkable principle: he never accepted coins as gifts from anyone, not even his closest family members. This reinforcing connection between his spirituality and the real found pennies reinforced the practice’s importance.

Filling giant water jugs

Anders took his collection to a whole new level by filling giant water jugs with the pennies. What began as a goal to fill 5 five-gallon jugs turned into a much larger venture. Even after reaching his initial goal, Anders felt compelled to continue. Eventually he collected an impressive 15 five-gallon jugs filled with pennies.

A surprise financial windfall

Apart from the deep-rooted value of his collection, Anders discovered that his pennies had a significant financial worth. After realizing that his homeowner’s insurance wouldn’t cover the collection, he turned to his bank for assistance. The Origin Bank in Ruston, Louisiana, where Anders had been a long-time customer, helped him with the process.

Opening the jars proved to be an arduous task, requiring an ax to crack them open. The bank’s Vice President, Jennie Cole, expressed their willingness to support Anders, even though it took over five hours to complete the process. In the end, it was determined that Anders’ collection of 513,614 pennies was worth over $5,136.

Otha Anders’ story highlights the unique ways in which people find meaning and purpose in their lives. What started as a simple act of collecting pennies evolved into a 45-year journey of gratitude, reflection, and a surprising financial windfall. Anders’ story inspires us to find significance in the small things and to appreciate the spiritual connections that can be woven into the fabric of our daily lives.


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One of those pennies could have been worth more then what he got off all them. I would have done is started to check them pennies in my free time to see if any were a miss printed.


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