A Man Wakes Up at 4 Every Day So His Wife Can Get 8 Hours of Sleep

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5 months ago

Mothers, burning the midnight oil for their little ones, often find themselves shouldering the nighttime baby duties more frequently than their partners. Sleep-deprived and low on energy, they soldier on to meet their babies’ needs day in and day out. However, the modern dad is stepping up to the plate, realizing the importance of sharing the load when it comes to nighttime parenting and contributing to their children’s upbringing.

Eden Kim and her husband are a great example of “parental teamwork.”

A heartwarming example of this parental teamwork comes from the story of Eden Kim and her husband. Despite the chaos that ensued after the arrival of their second bundle of joy, this dynamic duo managed to navigate the challenges of parenting with finesse.

Through a heartwarming TikTok video, Eden expresses her gratitude for her husband’s commitment.

Eden, no stranger to sharing her life on TikTok, decided to turn the spotlight on her partner in a recent video. Expressing gratitude for his unwavering support, she revealed the secret to their successful co-parenting. In the video, we witness her husband in action, taking care of their two little tykes. Eden spills the beans on the sacrifices he makes to ensure she gets a full eight hours of sleep every night.

“Ever since having our baby, my husband makes sure that I get 8 hours of sleep everyday, which means he usually gets up at 4,” said the grateful mom. She admitted that at first she would felt guilty, but her husband made sure that this is something that he wants to do. “He explained it to me like this, ’There’s so many burden that you carry that I cannot... lack of sleep and late nights with the baby is the only burden I can take from you.’”

Their video reaches many people and touches their heart.

This TikTok video, pulling in a whopping 5 million views and 860,000 likes, showcases the dad’s commitment to easing the nighttime parenting burden. The footage captures the heartwarming moments of him juggling the responsibilities of fatherhood with finesse.

Many people praise the father’s commitment. “Phenomenal father. Your boys are so blessed to see a great role model,” said one person. Another person commented, “That’s such a beautiful thing, and the fact that he recognizes all the things that you go through as a mom is so heart-warming.”

A strong relationship needs commitment from two persons to be each other’s supporter. Another inspiring story came from Matt and Brittany, whose love doesn’t demand conformity to any set standards.

Preview photo credit edenkimofficial / TikTok


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