A Mom Admits a Viral Instagram Video Saved Her Baby’s Life and Reveals Dangerous Sign Every Parent MUST Be Aware Of

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7 months ago

Despite its numerous drawbacks, digital content and social connectivity in the contemporary era can potentially bring about a significant positive influence. In a recent Instagram post, Monique Dirksz, a dedicated mother and esteemed TV reporter, opened up about a distressing event involving her infant son. In hope of spreading awareness, the mom recounted how the life of her baby was miraculously saved thanks to a viral video.

A few weeks ago, Monique observed that her son Noah’s breathing appeared abnormal when she laid him down on a changing table. She described the distressing sight, noting that it seemed as though the area between his ribs was retracting as he inhaled. It appeared as if his chest, ribs, and throat were all being drawn inward with each breath.

Due to her prior exposure to a video on the Instagram page Tiny Hearts, she was immediately able to discern the gravity of the situation. Monique clarified, “It was because I’d recently seen a post on Tiny Hearts about chest retractions that I knew that meant straight to emergency.”

After admitting her baby to the hospital, it was determined that Noah’s breathing difficulties were attributed to a rhinovirus. The mom shared, “We’ve spent two days in hospital watching his every breath... at times his O2 was less than 80%. The virus and the bronchiolitis is clearing up, and thankfully he’s feeling so much better.”

Monique also advised other parents, saying, “If you don’t follow Tiny Hearts, please do.”

Monique’s followers swiftly responded in the comments, expressing their well-wishes for both mother and baby.

One follower wrote, “Glad to hear he’s getting better! Our 11-week-old has already battled RSV and rhinovirus. Thanks for sharing! It’s so important to educate xx.” Another commented, “It’s truly frightening; it just goes to show that some social media content can be helpful, even when it might not seem relevant at the time. I’m thrilled to hear he’s on the mend.” A third follower expressed their concern, saying, “Poor little man. I hope he feels better soon. Tiny Hearts is undoubtedly the best xx.”

Tiny Hearts regularly disseminates advice, warning signs, and first aid guidelines specifically tailored for infant care. The organization offers educational courses, and their Instagram account boasts an impressive following of over 459,000 users.

Additionally, another mom and former ICU nurse has revealed, in a viral TikTok video, a super-important tip that could save a child’s life in case of a serious burn. The grateful parents can’t thank her enough for the priceless advice.

Preview photo credit moniquedirksz / Instagram


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