A Mom Shares a Viral Tip That’ll Save a Kid’s Life If They Burn Themselves

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9 months ago

A former ICU Emergency nurse Beki Giunta has revealed a super-important tip that could save your child’s life in case of a serious burn. The video that she posted on TikTok, has collected more than 4 million views, and the grateful parents can’t thank her enough for the priceless advice.

Beki is concerned about the lack of emergency knowledge among parents.

Beki Giunta is an ex emergency nurse. She is deeply worried about a widespread lack of knowledge about what to do if a kid gets burnt. Recently, Beki took to TikTok to share her advice.

“I’m going to share with you something that will save your child’s life,” the mum from Queensland started the now viral video. “The lack of knowledge people have around what to do if a child gets burnt is astonishing,” she added.

The woman said the “most common” burns she used to treat were from tea, coffee and instant noodles.

The former nurse shared priceless advice with millions of parents.

She experienced the case herself as a mum, when her little son pulled her “boiling hot tea” down on him.

“This is pure boiling water, no milk,” she said. “I was standing right next to him. I did not think this would happen.”

Beki shared what she did, and what all parents should do if “you or your child gets burnt.”

“The first thing you need to do is call an ambulance,” she said.

“Then you need to take all your child’s clothing off, get them completely nude and get them in a shower or under continuous cold running water.” She explained that a kid should be under cold (not icy cold) water for a “minimum of 20 minutes.” And she warned parents to “not take them out,” despite their child’s protestations.

“They’re gonna be screaming, they’re gonna be crying. It’s gonna be freezing cold. But you know what? You will save their life, you will save them a world of pain,” Beki explained.

And here’s another life-saving advice from a swimming instructor, who explains, why you should never wrap a towel over your kid’s shoulders.


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