A Mom Makes Cartoon-like Dishes That Were Born to Make You Squeal With Delight

3 years ago

Love goes through the stomach” — is originally a German saying. It means that food and love are a great match and that you can woo someone or express your love through a meal you carefully prepare. Etoni Mama does all this and more — while expressing her love for her 3 lucky children. Colorful, vibrant, and delicious — each piece of art that Etoni Mama makes is indicative of her creativity, sense of wonder, and patience.

We came across these too-cute-to-eat creations and all of us at Bright Side knew we had to share them with you! Caution: These next pictures may cause drooling, so get some napkins ready.

1. They look like they’ve found their yolk-mate.

2. We are on a seafood diet = we see food, we eat it.

3. We’d like to order 3 bowls of ghosts, please!

4. The Incredible family

5. Love spread on toast

6. Anyone fancies a cheese-bath? It’s like a salt bath, but with cheese.

7. Oink-oink

8. Time is ticking and we are ready for dessert!

9. We can’t bear to witness this deliciousness anymore. Just kidding!

10. Muscles are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

11. Who knows the name of this orange bear?

12. The Finding Nemo movie might need a new title: Eating Nemo.

13. Papoi, papoi?

14. Excuse us while we Chew-bacca up these goodies...

15. Scary or delicious?

16. Did someone say chocolate?

17. Zoo on a plate

18. Corny or not — we’d like a piece.

19. Ghosts have never looked so yummy before.

20. Contagious smiles

21. Scared or surprised?

22. We might’ve interrupted a really important meeting.

23. Eggcellent!

24. These oranges are winking at us and, yes, we’ll still take a bite.

25. Can you guess this character?

Which one is your favorite? Share your best creations in the kitchen with us!


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Mhm, he makes enough. Don´t go scamming people for money in your pocket and food on your plate. Be a real person and get yourself a job.


for me it has to b clock worth from beauty and the best because that's always been my fave Disney movie


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