Meet Little Enzo, Whose Mom Found a Brilliant Way to Celebrate His Unique Birthmark

Every kid has a unique personality, which starts and develops as early as when they’re still in the mother’s womb. Parents want their children to be and feel unique and loved, and put a lot of time and love into developing these traits in their offspring. A Brazilian mom, Carolina Giraldelli, knows for sure how important it is to teach a child to embrace any feature that makes them different from others. Today’s story is about her witty and heartfelt parenting approach to celebrating her son’s unique appearance.

Carolina’s son was born with a rare feature.

Enzo Cestari, Carolina’s son, was born with a dark birthmark that covers most of his forehead and stretches down one side of his nose. This is a condition known as congenital melanocytic naevi. The baby came to this world via C-section, and it was revealed that his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice.

Surgery later proved that Enzo’s birthmark was a harmless condition, which sometimes forms in the womb at early development stages. To his parents, Enzo is just perfect, and Carolina vowed never to hide her son’s unique birthmark and to make sure he knew he was perfect just the way he was.

This mom’s reaction to her son’s birthmark made history for the family.

The moment when she met her son for the first time was very emotional for Carolina. When she saw his rare birthmark, it really sparked something inside her. In her interview, she said that she saw the birthmark and decided “from then on, I had to become another person who was much stronger, fearless, brave, and ready to face all the obstacles that would now be presented to my son.”

The parents were preparing themselves for all of the difficulties they would face in the future. Carolina says, “I confess that for some time, it was very difficult to see and feel the eyes of society flickering my son with looks of pity, contempt, fear, and sometimes disgust. But even though it is not easy, my husband and I act normally, and we will always show him as he is.”

Carolina decided to show her son how beautiful he is in a special way.

One day, Carolina asked a professional makeup artist to draw a replica of Enzo’s birthmark on her face. She chose the special date for it, and she candidly explained how it happened. “The makeup and photos were done close to Mother’s Day here to honor Enzo, who is the greatest gift that I could ever receive.”

Mom even wore the makeup to work, and when she got home after having her face painted, the reaction of her son seeing her with her “birthmark” was priceless. She recalls, “When I got home, Enzo’s reaction was complete joy — even though he did not completely understand. I’m sure he loved my attitude. We took lots of pictures, and our morning was a lot of fun.”

By doing this, mom wanted to celebrate her kid’s beauty and show him that his uniqueness makes him no less loved than kids without these marks on their faces. Carolina spent the day wearing this makeup, so she could better understand the prejudice her son faces. She admitted that she felt like “the most beautiful woman” while wearing her special makeup.

What are your feelings about Carolina’s parenting approach? Are there any unique features that run in your family that you’re especially proud of?


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