A Photographer From Russia Travels to Dangerous Places to Show the Beauty of Wildlife

4 years ago

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A Russia-based wildlife photographer named Andrey Gudkov takes frequent expeditions to the most dangerous African and Indonesian regions such as Zambia, Borneo, and Rinca Island. In addition to being honored by National Geographic, he’s also a member of the Royal Photographic Society and the International Federation of Photographic Art. You can see a selection of these rare shots of animals taken by Andrey Gudkov in a publication from Depositphotos.

Since childhood, Gudkov has been passionate about wild animals and nature. For years, the photographer explored wild environments with his camera, going on long-term expeditions to develop his impressive personal style.

He discovered that understanding the behavior of wild animals, making thoughtful preparations for the next photo safari, and taking bold risks were all the key ingredients for extraordinary wildlife close-ups.

“In wildlife photography, the risk is always present. However, any risk has to be justified. No shot — even the greatest one — is worth a human life,” says Gudkov.

Meeting wrestling komodo dragons (which earned Gudkov the title of “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” in 2015), chilling with lion cubs, and jumping in the sea with whales were just some of the many wildlife wonders captured by the photographer. You can find more rare wildlife shots in his portfolio.

Preview photo credit Andrey Gudkov / depositphotos

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