A Photographer Paid People €2 to Take Their Portraits. Look Who Agreed to Do the Photo Shoot, and What They’ll Spend the Money On

4 years ago

Ukrainian photographer, Roman Pashkovsky, orchestrated an interesting project. He put announcements in public places that he would pay €2 to anyone who agreed to pose for a portrait. After the photoshoot, Roman asked people the same question, “What will you spend the money on?” Pashkovsky admits that the black and white photos he got were a starting point for him into the world of a totally different kind of photography.

Bright Side recommends that you to take a look at the project of this Ukrainian photographer to see how different we all are.

1. Vladislava, 17, will add the €2 to her own money for a multicooker as a present for her mom.

2. Alla Pavlovna, 82, will buy fruit, she loves persimmons.

3. Oksana, 42, will spend the money on cookies for her child and give him some money for school.

4. Anatoliy, 46, will spend some of the money to pay off a loan for the Mango jacket he is wearing.

5. Tatiana, 38, will use the money for transportation in order to take part in “Ukraine Speaks” where she will get €6 for her participation.

6. Anatoliy, 37, will spend the €2 on a chocolate bar for his beloved daughter.

7. Ludmila, 58. This actress, who is longing for attention and work, will spend the money on public transportation.

8. Julia, 35, will buy apples and oranges.

9. Nikolay, 52, will spend the €2 on food.

10. Julia, 38. She wants some Swiss cheese and a banana.

Would you agree to take part in a project like this? If yes, what would you spend the €2 on?

Preview photo credit Roma Pashkovskiy / facebook


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I would probably also spend it on a public transportation


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