A Photographer Posts Behind-The-Scenes Glimpses of Perfect Photos That Are So Honest We All Can Relate

3 years ago

A never-ending stream showing unrealistically perfect photos of people’s lives can destroy our self-esteem. But don’t be deceived, behind every amazing photo there’s a lot of effort, sometimes even harsh falls and hilarious situations. British photographer, Kim Britt, reveals what really happens behind these perfect and polished Instagram photos.

We at Bright Side are happy to share these 19 funny photos with you that are unmasking the reality behind Instagram.

1. Wear some flowers in your hair they said, it’ll be great, they said.

2. “Nobody has a flat tummy 24/7 and tummy fat is normal!”

3. “Let’s face reality, I couldn’t even play guitar in this position”

4. Moving to a new apartment isn’t as simple as it seems.

5. “It just looked super stupid doing this first picture.”

6. Best partner in crime!

7. “I saw this first photo so many times, that it was a must for me to show you both sides of it.”

8. “Autumn teaches us that change can be beautiful... changing clothes doesn’t count.”

9. This woman’s creativity deserves an award.

10. “I’m always scared the moment right before I set it on fire.”

11. We love this truthfulness.

12. “Frame matters, especially in this case.”

13.“Turns out, if you just pose with it, the ice cream melts pretty fast.”

14. “It just takes a lot of nerve and time.”

15. Gluing these flowers isn’t as simple as it seems.

16. Living in a van doesn’t look this fancy in real life.

17. “Casually” tiptoeing her way

18. Just a few seconds passed between these 2 pictures.

19. The flower doesn’t look that tasty.

What do you think about these pictures? Do you have any funny photos with funny outtakes? We’d love to see them!

Preview photo credit embracing_reality / instagram


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It's really interesting how much the "instagram" image differs from real life. I mean she is beautiful in both case but hey, it's not always daisies and sunny days ;)


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