A Photographer Reveals the Truth Behind Perfect Instagram Shots, and the Process Is As Captivating As the Results

4 years ago

The best time to post a photo on Instagram in order to get the maximum amount of likes is 5 P.M. on Wednesdays, according to statistics. However, the photos from our article’s protagonist can easily make a hit, even on Monday mornings. Meet, Chris Hernandez, a photographer from Florida whose Instagram account is currently booming on the internet. Not only does he create outstanding shots, but he also shows what stands behind his masterpieces.

We at Bright Side have already become big fans of Chris’s art and would like you to look at them too.

1. Last-minute ideas often work the best.

2. You see a puddle, I see a cool location.

3. Racing thoughts

4. Caught in mid-transformation

5. Kissed by the sun

6. Crimson life

7. Messy hair don’t care

8. “This is the same face that I make when I open up the fridge.”

9. Photography meets Digital Art

10. Modern Marie Antoinette

11. The location just needs to fill your frame

12. Fly, cranes, fly!

Which of Chris’s works impressed you the most? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit Chris Hernandez / Instagram


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These kind of pictures look super weird when you view the behind the scenes ?


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