A Plus-Size Bombshell and Her Buff Hubby Dethrone Barbie & Ken With Their Fiery Bikini Snaps

9 months ago

Alicia Mccarvell, a stunning and inspiring self-love advocate from TikTok, often gets trolled by people saying she’s not pretty enough for her ripped husband. However, the couple are masters in showing haters their right place and just slayed their Barbie era with the help of a stunning statement that made us want to applaud them.

Alicia Mccarvell is all about self-love and enjoying life.

In 2019, Alicia went viral on TikTok and started her journey as a self-love advocate. As a plus-size woman, she went through many obstacles to achieve self-acceptance. She’s very open about the fact that about 10 years ago, she was entering bikini competition and weighed around 127 pounds. Mccarvell overworked herself to be thin, but, ultimately, never felt truly happy.

Her weight gain happened quite rapidly, which made her extremely self-conscious, to the point that she never set foot on a beach until 2017. That’s when Alicia realized that her size bothered only her: “Nobody cared that I was fat. Nobody stared at me. I was genuinely so happy in those moments that I wouldn’t have noticed it.”

Since then, Mccarvell started focusing on the kind of person she is and trying to make others stop feeling bad about themselves: “I was always going to be a good partner, I was always going to be a hard worker. And if people couldn’t see past my fat body to see all of those cool things, that wasn’t my responsibility.”

Her marriage often starts off discussions online.

One of the reasons Alicia went viral, was her high school sweetheart turned husband, Scott. The couple participated in a trend about people whose partners are “10x hotter” than them. Their video gained quick popularity, as Mccarvell expected, because Scott boasts an incredibly fit physique.

Alicia’s account largely features her husband as well as them confronting people who say that he’s too attractive for her. As she shared some of the comments they’re getting in a video: “’Oh, she was probably not fat when they met,’ or ’she must be rich,’ ’he must be gay,’ or ’he has a fetish for fat women.’ We have been led to believe that someone who is physically fit, like Scott, could never, in a million years, be in love or be compatible with a fat woman.”

What their naysayers don’t realize, is that Alicia and Scott have been together for over 16 years and are madly in love with each other. He’s always supported and loved her regardless of her size. Once she realized this fact, it made her complete her self-love journey and finally be happy.

She and her husband melted the Internet with their sizzling bikini shoot.

This summer, Alicia and Scott were enjoying themselves to the fullest and shared a gorgeous bikini photoshoot that can turn any envious stares into gazes of admiration. Scott showed off his impeccable abs, while Alicia’s curves never looked better in a bright blue bikini, which we definitely need for the next summer season.

One comment under Mccarvell’s post summed up everything Alicia and Scott embodied in those photos. A user wrote: “Barbie and Ken???” and we cannot find a better comparison. Considering the Barbie era is in full swing right now, this is a perfect representation of the popular doll couple. Frankly, we think they could’ve played the main roles in the movie, and we would’ve loved it.

Unfortunately, Alicia and Scott aren’t the only popular couple that has to deal with trolls in regard to their appearance. This TikTok pair also struggles with haters, but continue to love each other and inspire everyone around them.

Preview photo credit aliciamccarvell / Instagram


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