A Police Officer Breastfed a Crying Baby Who Went 2 DAYS Without Food, After a Deadly Hurricane

6 months ago

Some of us don’t believe in miracles and treat them skeptically when they happen in real life. But our today’s story proves that real wonders happen not only in movies. Our today’s heroine proves that not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear a police badge. Meet Arizbeth Dionisio Ambrosio, a police officer, whose act of kindness made many people see the brighter side of life.

A horrible hurricane hit the area, and brought many troubles for people.

A severe Hurricane Otis has recently made landfall in Acapulco. Arizbeth Dionisio Ambrosio, a Mexican police officer, was doing her job in the ravaged resort city. The woman was removing fallen constructions and trees, as well as light poles and cars that were completely washed away by the storm. And then, suddenly, she heard a baby wailing.

Arizbeth was then approached by the child’s mom, who was totally hysterical and demonstrated the pure signs of panic. The woman explained to Arizbeth that her 4-month-old baby had been starving for two days already. The boy didn’t have a single meal, because his mom was having severe problems finding baby food for him.

The police officer didn’t stay aside and worked a real wonder for the baby.

Ambrosio, 33, was not only one of the hundreds of police representatives, who were raised to help people who had lost almost everything to the severe storm. The woman is also a mother of two, so she felt for every kid who suffered in that overwhelming hurricane, like for her own.

When she met that woman with a baby, she focused mainly on the kid and his urgent needs. She immediately asked the baby’s supposed mom or aunt, how could they help her. Luckily, Arizbeth was breastfeeding her own baby at that time, so when she heard that the baby was starving, she didn’t hesitate even for a second and asked if she could feed the stranger’s child.

The woman, who accompanied the baby, happily agreed to the police officer’s suggestion. As soon as the woman placed the almost 4-month-old baby on Arizbeth’s body, the baby stopped crying and was satisfied by the body contact and the food.

Arizbeth’s kindness was totally sincere and she did it from all her heart.

Ambrosio is a member of a special Mexico City organization that is specialized in search and rescue. Her unit is named “Zorros” and it is made up of 100 agents, who were all mobilized during the storm in Acapulco, and this was estimated as a Category 5 hurricane. A lot of people were still missing after the storm, and many people suffered the severe consequences of the hurricane.

Military personnel and volunteers spent several days removing debris along Acapulco’s area. In such horrible conditions, the police officer, feeding the starving baby, seemed an oasis of hope for everyone.

The police officer was so focused on breastfeeding the little boy that she did not even ask the family for some more details. She didn’t even know his name, or their exact address where they were staying before the hurricane hit.

The police officer was rewarded for her extremely kind heart.

Ambrosio was totally sure that there’s no place for hesitation when someone needs help or struggling with any sort of trouble. When the woman handed her the baby, Arizbeth remembered her two children at home. The woman felt total peace and satisfaction because she was with the baby in the time of need, giving him what he wanted the most at that moment.

Days later, Ambrosio’s chief asked her to arrive to the headquarters of the secretary of security for Mexico City. The woman just came from her trip and rushed to the headquarters immediately. There, the police officer met with Pablo Vázquez Camacho, the main official of the city’s police. The authority representative asked her many questions about her experience with saving the baby.

Then, Arizbeth Ambrosio was informed that her kind and noble act had earned her a promotion from “policía primera” to “suboficial”. This means she’s now put on a leadership track to be a supervisor for a team of other officers.

And here’s yet another inspirational story about a celebrity. Salma Hayek is known not only for her outstanding career, but also for breastfeeding a stranger’s hungry baby.


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