A Sick Stray Cat Was Ignored for Weeks at a Shelter Until Someone Adopted Her, and Now She’s Living Her Best Life

2 years ago

Francisca Franken was browsing her local shelter’s website in the middle of the night when a certain cat got her attention. She instantly fell in love with the cat that she later adopted and named Bean. The cat had already been in the shelter for a few weeks and no one had shown any interest in adopting her. Fortunately, her story had a happy ending, and she found the perfect home with Francisca.

Bright Side got in touch with Francisca and would like to share Bean’s story that will hopefully inspire people.

Francisca knew Bean was the cat she would adopt from the very beginning.

“I sent the shelter an application e-mail in the middle of the night. We did a phone interview and they asked questions about me and my living situation. We arranged a meetup, the day came, and I got all dressed up in a blouse and coat because I thought that would make me look more sophisticated. When I first saw Bean, she was this teeny tiny kitty, only weighing 5 and a half pounds and I could easily pick her up with one hand.

She came up to me and rubbed her head against my hand, she let me cuddle her and jumped on my lap. The worker came into her room and told me she never jumped on anyone’s lap. She didn’t have to ask me whether I wanted to adopt her, she just said, ’I see, let me go get the paperwork done for you!’ She is an absolute diva, but she gives the best cuddles if she wants to.”

She hopes Bean’s story inspires people to start adopting animals.

“Bean lived on the streets most her life and you don’t know what animals have to suffer from on the streets. Every animal deserves a loving home, but the ones that suffered through a lot already need us most. They are the most thankful and loving creatures. There are already so many animals in shelters, why buy from a breeder?

For me, it was never a question. I always wanted to give a cat a better life. The way she changed in the 9 months since I adopted her is so lovely to see, it still brings tears to my eyes. She is finally living the life she deserves and will never have to fight for food or be cold at night ever again.”

Bean has suffered from a few health issues.

“Bean is a little special needs kitty. She needs special food for urinary infection control, and she has some allergies and typical health problems that these flat-faced breeds have. She had a terrible eye infection and has definitely been in more than one battle.”

Francisca discovered that Bean loves cream cheese stuffed olives.

“Bean is not typically interested in human food, and she does not like milk, chicken, tuna, or cream. But I discovered the hard way that she will fight for pudding cup lids and olives. One day, I was eating cream cheese stuffed olives and she ran up to me, smacked it out of my hand, grabbed it, and took off running. She would not let go of the olive.

I did some research and found that (unsalted) olives are okay to give to your cat every once in a while. On another occasion, she chewed her way through the plastic and gulped down I don’t know how many olives before I caught her from suspicious noises in the kitchen. Since then, the olives are under special control and she gets to have one as a treat every once in a while. She doesn’t like every brand, it has to be the special ones!”

Have you ever adopted a pet from a shelter? If so, would you advise more people to do this? We would love to hear about your adoption stories.

Preview photo credit bebbybeansprout / Instagram


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