A Single Man Adopts a 13-Day-Old Girl With Down Syndrome That Was Rejected 20 Times

4 years ago

October was Down Syndrome awareness month and to raise awareness about it we want to tell you a story about true love. She is a little girl with Down Syndrome, a cheeky personality, and a contagious smile. He is a 40-year-old single, homosexual man. And their bond is very special and unbreakable.

We at Bright Side found this story absolutely beautiful and can’t wait to tell our readers about Luca and Alba.

Life for Alba had a very rough start, her young mom rejected her as soon as she saw that her daughter was born with a special medical condition. And this was only the first rejection of many. In Italy, many families want to adopt children, however only very few of them would consider taking a child with special needs.

When Alba was only 13 days old, 20 potential families had already said “no” to adopting her, until the right person joined the scene and since then life for both of them changed forever.

Luca Trapanese always wanted to be a dad. But the law in Italy was very conservative and until 2017 adoption for single parents was not possible. Even when it became legally possible, it still wasn’t easy.

Since Luca had made the decision to adopt a child, he knew that he wanted to take care of somebody with a severe illness, a serious disability, or behavioral issues. When he was a teenager, his best friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer and Luca stayed with him until the very end. He saw and felt all the pain, desperation, and fear and knew that he wanted to spend his life helping those who need it.

Since then he had been volunteering at a local church helping people with critical illnesses and disabilities. And when he got the opportunity to adopt a kid with Down Syndrome, he wasn’t afraid, he knew that he was ready for it and that he could take good care of a child with special needs.

When he got the phone call, he couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough. There, he found the little princess in a tiny crib and he instantly felt that special bond that only a parent and child can have and immediately he felt that she was his daughter.

Alba is 18 months old now and she looks as happy as only a very loved person can be. And so does her dad, Luca. It really seems that both of them, Luca and Alba, needed each other and in this story, everyone has won the biggest prize, love and family.

Today Alba has a loving family, friends, uncles, grandparents, and a dad who all love her to the moon and back and give her that love every day to help her grow. And we are so happy for both of them.

What do you think about this story? What would you tell Luca and Alba and other families like them, if you had the chance? Tell us in the comment section below.


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