A Spanish Photographer Captures Passion of People in the Water, and We’re Mesmerized

5 years ago

Joan Carol is a photographer and graphic designer from Spain. More than 100,000 people are delighted with his Instagram account. He uses light, water, and motion to amaze his followers with whom he likes to share a certain sense of energy. If you miss magic in the real world, you’ll be delighted as you scroll through these photos.

We at Bright Side could not resist the temptation to share his most stunning photos. Warning: you may get jealous that you were not picked to be a model!

1. Rain on me

2. Sweet dreams

3. Summer, where are you?

4. Touchdown

5. No matter what they say...

6. But, he that hath the steerage of my course, direct my sail.

7. Come, September.

8. I won’t be a prisoner of your love.

9. Spinning around

10. Instant crush

11. Into you

12. My own way

13. Remember me

14. That’s what I like...

15. I’m loving angels instead.

16. Made for now

17. Feel it still

Which photo did you like the most? Share your feelings with us below!


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