A Taxi Driver Turned Beauty Queen Wins a National Pageant and Teaches Body Acceptance

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Caitlin Nash-Robinson is living proof that knowing one’s worth does not have to start somewhere else — it begins with oneself. She proved people wrong with confidence and courage, which is why she is an inspiration to us all because she did not give up on her dream and taught us to love our bodies even more.

Caitlin got to experience the best of both worlds

Caitlin Nash-Robinson is truly a queen, and her dream and passion are remarkable. She started her journey as a taxi driver for her family’s business. While she is committed to her job, her heart is in beauty pageants. She quit her job as a taxi driver and drove an estimated 8,000 miles to compete in pageants, and she said, “I wouldn’t even be a taxi driver if it wasn’t for the confidence pageantry gave me. Now, I’m literally the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

She even mentioned that people are constantly shocked when she mentions that she’s a taxi driver. She said she loves being a taxi driver, and joining pageantry is a hobby. She’s doing the 2 things she loves the most, and some people may think her day is too packed, but according to Caitlin, it’s very easy to arrange her schedule since her working hours are flexible. She also said she has no plans to quit her job as a driver.

Setbacks will never stop her from trying

She started competing in 2017 in different pageants, and her confidence when showing off her beautiful and shimmery dresses and gowns during competitions is astounding. Her presence and aura are powerful. She makes people pay attention to her as soon as she presents herself. The road to this level of confidence has not been easy for her. She has endured a lot of challenges, including being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in 2020, which makes it hard for her to lose weight.

She mentioned, “A lot of people tell me: ’I wish I had your confidence,’ and it’s not an easy process. It takes time, and you’ll have setbacks. Every day’s a learning curve. I’m trying to promote the acceptance of everybody.” As she continued improving her craft, everything eventually paid off.

The sweet success of being crowned a beauty queen

Her first big achievement was not winning the competition; she was already successful from the first walk she took in her first pageant. She had the confidence everyone wanted and competed in Miss Devine UK. She did not win that time, but it did not stop her spirit. She came back to the competition in 2021 and won third place. More opportunities came, and she didn’t miss a thing. She participated in Miss Voluptuous UK in 2022 and became a runner-up.

Months later, she participated in another beauty pageant called Miss Diamond Curve UK, and this time, she won the title, and she deserved every bit of it — she is a living beauty queen. This enabled her to qualify for an international-level competition, the Regency International Pageant, which will happen in July 2023.

The key to confidence is to accept ourselves.

She proved capable, but people were still questioning her dream and saying that plus-size women should never compete. But she responded, saying we should “Give women of all shapes and sizes license to be themselves without being judged.” She also noted that “The support network and community of women competing is one of the most empowering and life-enhancing things you’ll ever experience.”

Break stereotypes and fall in love with yourself

She aims to raise awareness of different conditions (including PCOS) and has also attended many workshops to give back to society using her platform to talk about her condition.

Her voice will help many people, and her journey is full of hardships, but even with the backlash, she has thrived and responded like a true queen. She believes people should not be defined by judgments and the usual stereotypes in life, as this can limit a person’s potential. She wants to inspire everyone to believe they are enough and beautiful just the way they are.

Caitlin is truly an inspiration to all of us. What is the key ingredient to your confidence? Tell us about your hardships and how you overcome them in the comments below.


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