A Woman From Australia Makes Parodies of Famous Celebrity Photos and Gives Them a Real Life Twist

4 years ago

Sometimes it seems like the photos on Instagram are simply unreal. This is especially true with celebrity photos, which are literally saturated with beautiful bodies and expensive things. Luckily for us, Celeste Barber has made it her ambition to take care of our self-esteem and make everyone laugh well. This "Actress, Comedian, Writer, Lady" creates funny parodies of star's photos from Instagram.

Bright Side made a collection of the best parodies by this wonderful woman.

22. Well, nice try, though

21. Strange way to wash the car, but whatever

20. Black Swan, part 2

19. When ancestral spirits live in you

18. The real feeling after every workout

17. Shh, I'm trying to meditate

16. I even pout...

15. Before and after techno party

14. Hey, boy. Here is the sun and here I am!

13. Leave me here, I'll be fine

12. Come on, yoga! Stop being so hard

11. Best friends forever, even without the same lipstick. Hmm, especially without the same lipstick.

10. "Where is my present for St. Valentines Day?"

9. Jungle cat can`t reject Pringles

8. Summertime sadness in a sweater

7. Don`t try this at home, please

6. True. So, give me more brownie

5. Milk is the secret weapon of these two women

4. Who run the world? GIRLS!

3. It's high fashion, enjoy

2. The eternal dilemma: to love or just to eat

1. When it`s raining and the car splashes mud on you

What parody do you like the most? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Celestebarber/Instagram


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This woman is absolutely hilarious. She had me laughing so hard, I had to pause between pics so I could breathe and relax. My stomach hurt so much from laughing. Thank you, Celeste!


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