A Woman Got 600 Tattoos to Reinvent Herself but Now Can’t Find Jobs

10 months ago

Body art can be a unique way for individuals to showcase their creativity. Amber Luke, who was dubbed “Dragon Girl”, chose to get over 600 tattoos and change her appearance completely. While she now feels happier with the way she looks, her appearance has made it hard for her to find a job and online trolls have criticized her choice.

Amber Luke was unhappy with her appearance and decided to change it.

According to Amber, she was not happy at all with the way she used to look before and got her first tattoo at 16. “I didn’t want to be that person anymore, so I reinvented myself,” she said. To do so, Amber ended up spending over $250,000 on tattoos that cover 90% of her body. “I am getting very heavily tattooed, but I’m not harming anyone in the process,” she defended herself.

In previous interviews, Amber had also revealed that she struggled with mental health a lot and body modifications had helped her in coping with such issues. Not only did she end up getting 600 tattoos on her body, she also got her eyeballs tattooed with blue ink, a procedure that resulted in her going blind for three weeks.

She now feels more comfortable in her body, but struggles with finding jobs.

However, Amber has opened up recently about the issues she has faced due to her unique appearance. “What gets to me is when someone expresses their opinion to me in public and comes up to me and says, ’Oh, you’re ugly,’ or, ’You’ve ruined yourself.’” Amber also talked about how it impacted her employment. “I’m not going to sugar coat it, it has limited my [employment] options, but that’s okay.”

“The way I see it is, I don’t want to work for a company that’s shallow-minded [and can’t] look past my image. They won’t look at my work ethic, they won’t look at my morals or my values or what I have to bring to the table,” said Amber. Despite all the negative reactions she gets, Amber says getting all the tattoos was “worth it” since it proved to her how resilient she was and has helped her mental health.

Another mom with 800 tattoos is breaking stereotypes and societal views regarding body art, but struggles with getting jobs due to her appearance.


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