A Woman Grew Tired of Having to Take Down the Christmas Tree, So She Decided to Decorate It for Every Holiday Instead

2 years ago

Many people consider decorating the Christmas tree as one of the happiest moments of the year. However, when the day comes to take it down, that joy turns into sadness and emptiness. That is what happened to Nadia Colucci, from San Diego, California, USA. In order not to have to say goodbye to the Christmas symbol, she came up with Holi-Trees, a way to leave the Christmas tree at home throughout the year, but decorating it with different themes according to each holiday: Valentine’s Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, among others.

Bright Side wants to show you the creative and colorful decorations of Nadia, who managed to creatively adapt her Christmas tree to the different holidays. Don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article!

Valentine’s Day

This was Nadia’s first creative project. When she decided not to take down the Christmas tree and leave it until February, she came up with the idea to decorate it to fit Valentine’s Day.

“It was a pleasure to see something so unique and beautiful at home when I got home from a long day at work. And, in a way, Christmas never ended.... it just changed colors! And I think that’s what counts, the Christmas spirit and its meaning throughout the year. Peace, love and joy,” Nadia said.

That Valentine’s Day tree was followed by other Holi-Trees, with designs alluding to each special date, demonstrating all the creativity of this incredible woman.

St. Patrick’s Day


July 4th



Christmas again :)

Carnival Madness

Nadia’s Holi-Trees went viral and she soon received warm comments from people congratulating her on her idea. She discovered that she was not alone and that she was not the only Christmas enthusiast out there. In addition, people started asking her for some tips or recommendations for decorating their own trees.

Bonus: Nadia’s 5 tips for decorating your Christmas tree

  • When it comes to decorating your tree, MORE is MORE! The fuller it looks, the better.
  • Put all the decorations in front of you before you start, so you know what you’re working with. This will allow you to visualize how you can put it together.
  • Start by layering with fillers. These are the elements you have the most of but they are not central elements, they are background elements. They should have color and texture to give the tree consistency. These fillers can also be recycled from previous trees.
  • You can find ornaments in any color or style you want to suit your style and theme. Nadia uses a combination of fillers, faux flowers, beads, and ribbons to give it a real touch and add depth.
  • There are NO rules, just have fun creating! Your Holi-Tree should represent you and your style.

Which of the Holi-Trees did you like the most?

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