A Woman Married a Victorian Ghost After He Made a Surprise Visit to Her Bedroom

8 months ago

For most people, being ghosted in a relationship is a bad thing, but for Brocarde, a haunting ultimately led to her getting married. The young woman, who fell in love with the spirit of a Victorian soldier, made an appearance on a TV show to share her story about her ghostly partner, and discuss the details of their extraordinary nuptials. Brocarde also opened up about the challenges that come with living alongside a phantom husband.

Brocarde recounted, “Over the years, I’d had a few strange encounters, such as seeing shadowy figures out of the corner of my eye... But one evening, I was lying in bed and out of nowhere, I felt a warm sensation in my heart. I went all clammy and the feeling spread throughout my body, but the room was icy cold.”

“I sat bolt upright, and reached to turn on my bedside lamp, but something grabbed my hand to stop me. Then I heard a voice whisper, ‘I love you’ and I felt someone’s breath on my ear and felt a shudder down my spine,” she went on saying.

The eerie encounters persisted, and over time, Brocarde, who lives in Oxfordshire, started to witness the ghostly figure of a Victorian soldier. She shared, “I was being sent visions and information — that’s how I learned that his name was Edwardo, and he was a young soldier from Victorian times. He died by falling down a well. He had shoulder-length hair, and was very handsome.”

As the unconventional couple bonded, they embarked on a loving relationship that, according to Brocarde, surpassed any earthly connection. “I can literally feel his touch all over my body,” she confirmed.

Further into her relationship with the spectral lover, the unexpected happened. “As I was sleeping, I felt something digging into my cheek before noticing a floral diamond ring on my bed, which I’d never seen before. When I showered, I saw the words ‘Will you marry me?’ written in the steam on the mirror, and realized, it was an engagement ring from Edwardo. The whole thing was absolutely crazy, but our connection was as strong as ever, so I said ‘yes’,” Brocade recounted.

Brocarde went to The Asylum Chapel in Peckham, London, to have a private wedding with her ghost fiancé, and Celebrant Dave Octave was the one leading the ceremony. After the 30-minute wedding, she mentioned, “Edwardo was making sure I knew he was there throughout the ceremony by whispering things in my ear and gently nudging me... I was so grateful Edwardo turned up and didn’t leave me standing at the altar. It feels amazing that I am finally his wife.”

While some of their friends and family were understanding of their relationship, others were not. In response, Brocarde decided to let Edwardo manage their guest list. “Finding a venue was a nightmare — I wanted something traditional, but Edwardo wasn’t having any of it. Eventually we found a wedding celebrant and the ceremony took place in an old derelict chapel, and we were joined by spirit guests,” she shared.

However, as time passed, Brocarde began to witness a different aspect of Edwardo. She opened up saying, “He can be quite jealous — if ever I lay out a revealing outfit, he’ll rip it or hide it and then vanish for a few days. I wouldn’t put up with that behavior from a living man, but the reason I am so forgiving with Edwardo is that I’m so intrigued and still wonder why I was chosen, so I want to give the relationship my all.”

It’s no surprise that a relationship with a ghost brings its fair share of challenges, which ultimately prompted the newlyweds to seek marriage therapy. “I didn’t expect to have marriage counseling so early into wedded life — but then I didn’t expect to be married to a ghost either,” she added.

Furthermore, Brocarde stated, “Five years ago, if someone had told me they were married to a ghost, I’d think they were crazy! But you can’t understand the supernatural until you’ve experienced it. Our relationship may be turbulent, but the connection I have with Edwardo is like nothing I have ever known.”

When it comes to children, Brocarde explained, “I haven’t really thought about having children as I don’t know how that would work for us. For now, I’m enjoying the adventure that is our relationship.”

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