A Woman Whose Face Was Tattooed Experiences “Life Change” After a Stranger Offers to Help With Removal

9 months ago

Taylor White, having inked her tattoo long ago, grappled with persistent insecurities and mental challenges for years. However, this tattoo eventually became a hindrance in her life until a compassionate individual extended a helping hand.

White, reflecting on her journey, shared, “I wish when I was younger, that someone had told me it’s OK to not be OK, and if you need help, ask for it.” She recently achieved her bachelor’s degree and is now pursuing a doctorate in psychology.

One day, Askenasy stumbled upon one of White’s engaging TikTok livestreams, and deeply moved by her story, he reached out and generously offered to cover the expenses for laser tattoo removal. Askenasy, who boasts over 138,000 TikTok followers, expressed, “The trouble she was facing obviously had a personal effect on her. It was preventing her from doing the most good possible.”

Askenasy scoured numerous clinics in search of one willing to undertake the monumental task of removing White’s multi-layered facial tattoo. He was uncertain whether anyone could effectively remove the ink and whether he could afford the expensive procedure in its entirety. Eventually, Removery, a laser tattoo removal company, stepped forward to take on the challenge — and they did so at no cost.

Typically, laser tattoo removal entails substantial expenses, often totaling thousands of dollars, and can span several months or even years for completion.

Taylor emphasized, “It’s a gradual process, but one that yields permanent, life-changing results.”

For White, this marks a turning point as she’s now ready to bid farewell to the lingering reminders of her painful past. During her first removal, she even managed to smile through the sensation of the laser. She shared, “This is really removing a part of me that I no longer represent or live in.”

Everyone deserves to be happy, as happiness is a fundamental human right that knows no boundaries or conditions. Furthermore, each person should have the opportunity for a second chance to become a better version of themselves, embracing growth, and contributing positively to their own lives and the world around them.


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