After an Emergency Landing Keanu Reeves Shares a Bus With Other Passengers Instead of a Private Ride, and People Can’t Stop Admiring Him

4 years ago

We all know Keanu Reeves for his starring roles in world-famous blockbusters, and we also know him as a very kind and generous person off the screen. What recently happened to our favorite actor once again proves that he doesn’t need a movie to be a hero. When his plane made an emergency landing in Bakersfield, California, Keanu chose to support other passengers and joined them on the bus to the destination point instead of taking a private ride.

Here at Bright Side our hearts melted when we learned about this inspiring story, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

On March, 23 Keanu Reeves was on a United flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles when suddenly...

The pilot made an announcement that there was a problem with one of the plane’s engines, and that the plane was going to divert to Bakersfield. Luckily, the plane landed safely with no incidents, and everyone was safe and sound. Keanu and the other passengers got stranded at the local airport waiting for info and instructions from the airline’s representatives.

Instead of heading to LA alone, Keanu stayed to help his fellow flight passengers.

Let’s be honest, when something like this happens to celebrities, we would probably expect them to be taken to their destination in a private luxurious car. But Keanu Reeves keeps showing his good side anywhere he appears, no matter what happens. He chose to stay with the other stranded passengers to support them through the stress and help them get to the city as soon as possible.

Keanu figured out that the staff responsible for the luggage wouldn’t be there for a long time, so he suggested that all of them leave on a bus together and took care of the luggage later. He also tried his best to calm down and entertain his fellow passengers. One of the videos shows Keanu reading some interesting facts about Bakersfield, cheering up his new friends.

Passengers of the flight thanked Mr. Reeves for supporting them on that tough day, and internet users can’t stop admiring him.

Passengers of the troubled flight could forever remember that day as one of the most stressful days in their lives, but Mr. Reeves managed to turn this scary incident into an adventure. When they all got trapped at the Bakersfield airport, Keanu gladly took pics with those who wanted them. This is how one of the passengers wrote about it on her Twitter account: “Btw did I mention that HE asked ME if I’d like to take a picture. I took the pic for someone else, and when I handed her phone back he looks at me and goes ‘Do you want to take a picture?’”

After the pics and videos featuring Keanu at the airport and on the bus with other stranded passengers went viral, social media burst out with emotional comments. People were happy that everyone was safe and sound and admired the way our favorite actor helped people go through that awful stress. “I’ve heard before that he is nice. This must have pushed that limit,” wrote one of the Twitter users.

What do you think of Keanu Reeves’s decision to support other passengers in such a tough situation? Have you ever met someone famous on a plane?

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He is incredibly kind. This man is a very remarkable human being and his friends and family are insanely fortunate to be part of his life. We should all be so lucky.
If there were people who didn't like Keanu, I think they will start loving him after reading this story :)

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