After Nearly Splitting Up, Goldie Hawn Shares What Really Saved Her Relationship With Kurt Russell

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Love can be bumpy, even for Hollywood’s golden couple, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. After almost calling it quits, Hawn shares a heartwarming secret to keeping the spark alive in their long-term relationship. Find out how the duo overcame their struggles and rekindled their romance in a way that may surprise you.

They have a long-lasting love.

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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s love has endured the challenges of fame and family, growing stronger each year. Goldie Hawn, the effervescent actress known for her infectious laughter, and Kurt Russell have been inseparable for decades.

As we look upon this dynamic duo, we can’t help but be inspired by their devotion and dedication to each other. As Russell once put it: “Simply put, Goldie, I cherish you. All the stars in the sky or on the boulevard can’t hold a candle to that.” And we don’t know what this is if it’s not true love.

Life’s storms and near-split challenges

Goldie and Kurt’s successful relationship is attributed to their decision to avoid marriage. Goldie’s independence allows her to make choices and not feel trapped. Despite facing doubt, their commitment has been proven over time, but there was a time when Goldie was alone after deciding to leave.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s love has endured life’s storms, growing stronger daily. Their unbreakable bond has been tested by intense challenges, nearly tearing them apart. “I would have been long divorced if I ever married Kurt,” Goldie has admitted.

Goldie and Kurt “were having trouble communicating,” which led to Goldie’s solo trip to India in 2004 to visit her friend Imran Khan. Kurt was upset over Goldie’s reported intimacy with him, which led to tension between them.

They took a break to cool down, and Goldie went to their house in Malibu while Kurt stayed in Pacific Palisades. Despite the rough patch, they were committed to their family and reconciled after 2 weeks, strengthening their bond.

Hawn revealed that she wakes up daily and chooses to love Russell and be present in their relationship, not because they are bound by marriage. “Vows are made. Vows are broken. Promises are made. Promises are broken. What does a piece of paper have to do with it for me?” Hawn explained.

And as the smoke soon cleared, they built a house of love.

Hawn and Russell own various properties in Vancouver and New York, but their Pacific Palisades residence in Los Angeles is a showstopper. Together, they designed and constructed the stunning white, Southern-style structure from scratch in 2016 and moved in the following year.

Sitting atop a bluff on slightly over half an acre, their home is a work of art featuring a grand living room, stunning gardens, and a fully equipped home gym. Hawn and Russell have shared virtual tours of their exquisite home with their fans.

They also share home chores.

Russell and Hawn share a successful work history in the film industry and enjoy working together on household chores. Having been together for many years, the couple has created a system that suits them both.

Russell also shared his views on domestic chores and their significance to men. He mentioned that many men don’t usually care about completing household tasks, but he personally doesn’t mind taking out the trash. In 2020, Hawn shared an adorable video of herself and her family dancing while doing dishes. You can watch it here.

What an interesting couple! Find out more about them and dive into their beautiful world with us:

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