Ahead of Jennifer Aniston’s Fifty-Third Birthday, We’re Bringing You 9 Curious Facts About Her That You Probably Don’t Know

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Famous for her beauty, talent, and unique sense of humor, Jennifer Aniston has been one of everyone’s favorite actresses for decades. But her rise to stardom hasn’t always been a breeze, and her private life, even her heartbreaks, were often the subject of gossip. But it seems that fans never grow tired of learning new things about the charismatic actress. In celebration of her fifty-third birthday, we’re taking a look at some lesser-known facts about Aniston’s life and career that will make you appreciate her even more.

1. Her parents didn’t want her to become an actress.

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Despite being born into a family of famous entertainers, Aniston was never encouraged to pursue a career in show business. Instead, her dad wanted her to become a lawyer because he wanted to protect her from the downsides of the entertainment industry. Aniston claims that her father begged her not to become an actress and her mother didn’t believe in her talent. But luckily, she was brave enough to prove them wrong.

2. She was prohibited from watching TV.

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Not only was she discouraged from becoming an actress, but Aniston was also reportedly ’’prohibited’’ from watching TV when she was younger unless she was sick. At that time, her father was starring in a soap opera, and as soon as Aniston found out about it, she was determined to become an actress too.

’’That was my one rebellion," Aniston admitted. "I was hoping that I was going to make it so that I could prove him wrong. I just kept going.’’

3. Aniston hated her famous haircut.


The legendary haircut Rachel Green sported on Friends became a symbol of the ’90s, and every girl wanted to rock this style. However, Aniston once admitted that she actually disliked her famous cut, saying, ’’How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen."

4. She had a lot of insecurities.

In her teenage years, Aniston had learning difficulties that made her feel less clever than other kids. When she later discovered that these problems were caused by dyslexia, she was relieved. But this was not the only source of Aniston’s insecurities.

Her troubled relationship with her mother caused her to feel bad about her physical appearance. The Friends star said that her mom was ’’very critical’’ of her, and she always felt like she wasn’t pretty or good enough for her.

5. She’s been open about the importance of therapy in her life.

Aniston began to go to therapy to help her heal her childhood problems and understand her mom’s behavior. “It takes a lot of therapy, but you do absolutely get over it. That was her projection. It had nothing to do with me,” the actress explained.

She also credits therapy for helping her get through her tough divorce from Brad Pitt.

6. Aniston lost the love of her life in 2007.

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Before her highly-publicized romance and marriage to Brad Pitt, Aniston was deeply in love with actor Daniel McDonald, whom she dated for 5 years. Both of them wanted to pursue their careers at that time, so they decided to go their separate ways.

Aniston later admitted that she never completely got over McDonald. “He would have been the one. But I was 25, and I was stupid,” she said back in 2015. Sadly, he passed away in 2007.

7. Aniston turned down Saturday Night Live in favor of Friends.

Before she became a sitcom legend, Aniston was offered a spot on Saturday Night Live, a position that many actors and comedians dream of, but the actress declined it so that she could star on Friends, which proved to be a pivotal decision that helped her rise to stardom.

8. She almost missed the role of Rachel Green.

Although she is best known for the role of Rachel Green on the hit sitcom, Friends, Aniston almost lost the role to her co-star, Courteney Cox. Luckily, Cox realized that she would rather play Monica Geller, and the producers decided to offer Aniston the role of Rachel.

9. She supports numerous charitable causes.

Aside from being talented and beautiful, Aniston is also known for her kind heart. What’s more, her friends call her ’’mamma’’ because of her generosity and genuine care for others. Aniston has supported a number of charities over the years, including raising money for children’s hospitals. She continues to use her fame to raise awareness for a variety of important issues, such as fighting against racism and supporting women’s rights.

What’s your favorite Jennifer Aniston role? If you know any other intriguing facts about her, we’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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