Amy Adams’ Husband Sacrificed His Own Career to Keep Their Family United

Amy and her husband, Darren Le Gallo, were attracted to each other when they first met but were both in relationships. But what is meant to happen will always happen, and they prove that true and long-lasting love always requires sacrifices and compromises from both sides. As it turns out, sometimes one single sacrifice can have an unimaginable outcome.

Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo met in acting class.

Amy Adams met her future husband while taking acting classes. The 2 bonded quickly and frequently worked on scenes together, but it took them about a year before their friendship started to turn into anything more. “I had another boyfriend, and Darren was dating some girl — I did scenes with him, and I liked him and thought he was really sweet,” Adams recalls. The photo below shows them during their first year of dating.

In 2002, they went on their first date and began interacting outside of the classroom. Adams remembers those times with a laugh, “He demanded that we go out on a date. He said, ’I know you’re getting over this [other] guy, but I’m taking you out on Wednesday,’ and I was like, ’And so you are!’”

Their relationship took off right away.

As their relationship was beginning to blossom, Adams’ career began to rapidly advance. She started to make appearances in one outstanding film after another over the course of the following 10 years. Despite all of that effort, Adams and Le Gallo managed to find the time to fall madly in love, get engaged, and have their only child, a daughter named Aviana Olea Le Gallo, who was born in May 2010.

Le Gallo supported Adams’ career by giving up acting.

As Adams’ career started to blossom in the late 2000s, she insisted that there was no competition between her and her husband. “He’s not competitive with me,” she said. “He has a wonderful talent, and there aren’t many people in the world who are like that, where he doesn’t see my success as his failure.” Le Gallo selflessly sacrificed his acting career to support his wife’s.


She proceeded to praise Le Gallo’s sacrifice, saying, “He has sacrificed a lot. But he travels with me and helps to keep the family together, and I really do appreciate that. But I don’t value it because he’s a man doing it, I value it because he’s my partner. My husband is an extremely competent caregiver.”

The couple keeps their spark alive and well.

Le Gallo left acting and fell back on his first love, painting. He earned a B.A. in painting from Texas’ Abilene Christian University in 1996 and posts his unique collection of paintings on Instagram. Talking about family, Adams told Little London that it’s her main priority: “I’m having such a beautiful time with my husband and our daughter that any project I choose has to be one that I truly feel compelled to do.”

How was your first date with your partner? How did you meet? Tell us your love story down below, we want to feel the butterflies!


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