An Artist Adds Some Gold and Sparkle to Ordinary Tattoos and Turns Them Into Breathtaking Works of Art

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Gold is used worldwide nowadays as a symbol of achievement. For example, the Olympics gives gold medals to its first-place winners, and the Nobel prize medal is 18-karat green gold plated with 24-karat gold.

In recent years, golden ink has become very popular in tattooing. This noble metal can be very tricky and its texture is very hard to replicate. However, today’s featured artist, Jooa, has mastered it and we’ve collected some of our favorite tattoos done by this gifted artist.

The artist knows how to represent gold realistically.

Jooa is a Seoul-based tattoo artist who’s been gaining popularity on Instagram because of their unique ability to draw gold and silver on human skin. The artist has impressed more than 65,000 fans by adding golden details to basic tattoo sketches. It could be a cat with a golden tie, an antique golden candlestick, or even a shiny sun done totally in gold.

The technique that the artist uses in their work adds a metallic sparkle to all of their tattoos, and they look insanely realistic. And in their recent work, the tattooist went even further, doing tattoos that combine both the chromatic shine of silver and gold, and fans are bathing the artist in praise.

Gemstones are the artist’s another passion.

Jooa is not only attracted to the realistic depiction of noble metals in their work, but they are also a master at drawing the sparkle of different gemstones. We can only imagine the scrupulous process of tattooing an amethyst or an emerald on the skin of a customer in a way that makes the tattoo look like a real gemstone.

With their filigree technique, Jooa manages to make an impression that the tattoo is sparkling on the skin, just like a real diamond.

Their tattoo concepts are sometimes very intricate and out of ordinary.

A pencil with a golden point, a sparkling ant, and even a chromatic ice cream scoop... These are just a few tattoo concepts that have been brought to life by the artist’s wild imagination, which seems to be breaking all the rules, and going far beyond the things that we normally see tattooed on human bodies.

The variety of tattoo ideas and the fresh approach to drawing them on people’s bodies are the things that make Jooa a real rising star in the tattoo industry.

Which of the tattoos above triggered your “Wow” reaction the most? Would you consider getting any of them yourself?

Preview photo credit jooa_tattoo / Instagram


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