An Artist Does Head-Spinning Tattoos That’ll Make You Freeze With Your Mouth Open

2 weeks ago

Attitudes toward tattoos can be so different: from a man who has 100% of his body tattooed to people who would never even think about adding some ink to their bodies. But no matter how far you’re ready to go with your own tattoos, looking at some astonishing work done by a gifted master can deliver a lot of aesthetic pleasure to each of us.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve discovered a truly gifted tattoo artist whose work can even impress someone who is not that into tattoos. We’d love for you to take a look at her most outstanding art and give your eyes a real dose of pleasure.

The way to success was not easy, but the artist made it to the top.

Ryan Ashley Malarkey (DiCristina) woke up famous when she became a winner of Season 8 of Ink Master. She has a signature style of black and grey tattoos incorporating jewelry and lace-like skin art.

She’d been doing tattoos for many years but people didn’t notice her talent until after she appeared on Ink Masters. Surprisingly, she became the first female who has ever won this show during its whole history.

The artist’s devotion to tattoos can be noticed at first glance

Ryan Ashley is absolutely passionate about tattoos and no wonder that she is covered in them from head to toe. She’s always been fascinated by fashion, she just chose to express it a little differently, using body art.

She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and got her degree in fashion. The tattooist chose this way because she wanted to learn as much as she could about the different ways that people use fashion to make an impression on others.

This tattoo artist’s work has been widely appreciated and her army of admirers had continued to grow.

After winning the show, the tattooist and her friend opened their own tattoo shop. When she’s not busy with reality television shooting or designing clothes, you can usually find her in her shop getting ready to give someone a new tattoo.

Many tattoo studios allow walk-ins but this is not something you will find at her shop. She prefers to create masterpieces by appointment. She only does this because she likes to be prepared not only physically, but also mentally.

She feels that she just isn’t able to focus when someone walks in and wants a tattoo on the spot. The artist prefers to know when her customers will be there and what they want.

The artist has her own spiritual way of doing things

When she’s giving somebody a tattoo, she’s trying to create something that no one else has. She spends plenty of time thinking about different concepts and proves that fashion is not something that makes people all look the same, but gives each person a sense of uniqueness.

She has this laser-like focus when she’s doing a tattoo and doesn’t like when it gets broken by someone walking in unannounced. Even a ringing phone can bother her so she has a tendency to silence her phone and check her messages later.

The artist proves that hard work can be really rewarding.

Ryan Ashley has always worked hard to be noticed. At fashion school, she completely dominated her class. She was considered the top student in her entire class and outshined her classmates in creativity. But after graduation, she trained for only one year in a private studio. Since then, she has been developing her unique design style on her own.

She’s got a huge number of features and awards, and over 1.5 M admirers on Instagram. She loves to have the opportunity to express herself and give others that same chance. She doesn’t care if it’s about clothing, accessories, or tattoos — it’s all about letting other people know who you are.

Which of Ryan Ashley’s tattoos impressed you the most? Would you consider getting a tattoo on your body?

Preview photo credit ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram


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