An Artist Pictured How Our Favorite Characters and Celebrities Would Look in Different Series

3 years ago

Known by the name of Atomic CircuS on Facebook or Dino Tomic on Instagram, this young Norwegian artist started his career as an artist by drawing with colored pencils. Now he’s decided to explore new techniques that involve digital illustrating. But the cool thing is that this is not your average digital illustration kind of thing. He gave himself the task of re-imagining popular characters as cartoons, using the drawing style of different TV series. So, for example, you can now see what Spider-Man would look like if he was part of the Lego movie, as a Disney princess, a guest on The Simpsons, or in other series or films.

That’s why, today, Bright Side wants to share Dino Tomic’s illustrations with you, so that you too can enter the creative portal he has opened through his style and amazing ideas.

1. Master Yoda

2. Bob Ross

3. Spider-Man

4. Batman

5. Mike Tyson

6. Jack Black

7. Ronnie Coleman

8. Elvis

9. Dennis Rodman

10. Tom Segura

11. Scottie Pippen

12. Dimitri Vegas

13. IT

14. Disney Princesses

15. Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

16. Robert Downey Jr.

17. Stan Lee

18. Keanu Reeves

19. Freddie Mercury

20. Salvador Dali

For you, which of these drawings is the best one? What other character would you like to see Dino Tomic adapt in a different style and why?


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I believe he meant that Spider Man is a Marvel character, and Marvel is bought by Disney

so, technically, he is a Disney character now :))

3 years ago
The comment was deleted by a neighbor's dog.

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