An Australian Hairstylist Turns Hair Into Unicorn Manes and Gives People a Dose of Rainbow

3 years ago

Mykey O’Halloran is a 29-year-old hairstylist from Melbourne. His vivid imagination allows him to specialize in crazy cuts, color, and creating unique hairstyles, whilst raising money for charity. He can turn even the darkest brunette hair into a radiant rainbow, and his message is all about helping people express themselves.

We at Bright Side would like to show you the hairstyles by Mykey that seem to have absorbed all their colors right from the rainbow.

A passion for color has been with Mykey since high school.

The idea of expressing emotions through color came to Mykey when he was a student. As he said, because of his way of expressing himself and being “different”, he was always one step away from being punched in the face by his peers. One day he realized that being himself was an absolute right that no one could violate, and so began his romance with color.

He spent plenty of time learning all things about hair dye and technique.

Mykey has never done any professional workshops or classes to learn how to apply rainbow hair color. He took his inspiration from artists on Instagram and educated himself through trial and error, until he became a real guru of the rainbow hair technique.

He names his techniques.

Each of Mykey’s techniques has its own story. One of them is called “Trash Panda,” because the hair looks just like a raccoon’s tail. Another one is called “Rainbow Baby,” and this name came to Mykey after his very first hair show in Bologna, where he did his first rainbow hairstyle ever.

Some of his hairstyles have an important message to deliver.

Mykey has grown as a person and professionally throughout the years. Now he has his own salon and some well-deserved recognition and admiration from people. Many of his clients do rainbow hair in order to turn attention toward some really important matters. One example of Mykey’s extraordinary clientele is a boy who got his hair colored to attract attention to his brother with autism and to help him become accepted.

The hairstyles are diverse because there’s a limitless source of inspiration.

Mykey gets his inspiration literally from everywhere. As he said, even an ice cream or a package of candy can light up the bulb in his head and give him a fresh idea for color, which he will further offer to his clients. He never gets tired of searching and implementing new techniques, so he can fulfill even the most intricate hairstyle request.

His clients admit that their haircuts do change their lives and their mood.

Oftentimes, people come to Mykey’s salon and say that they don’t have any special idea for their new hairstyle. They just ask him to do something to their hair so that they can wake up in the morning and feel happy when they look in the mirror. And they get what they want, because, as Mykey says, even the expression on their faces changes once the hair dye is rinsed off and they see the result.

Some of his clients have told him that people on the street ask them if they can take a photo of their lovely hairstyles, and it makes people feel just like celebrities.

This stylist has a special message for everyone who has gotten to know him.

Mykey never gets tired of telling people that beauty is not perfectionism or a filter on Instagram. He is convinced that being beautiful is being exactly who you are and being unapologetic for it. “Whether other people love it or not, it’s not up to them how you express yourself,” says Mykey.

How do you feel when you have your hair freshly done? What is the haircut that helps you feel and look like the bee’s knees?


This hairstyle is super cool but I just had to point out that that is not a unicorn main that is a mermaid tail

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