An Expert Shares 4 Easy Techniques to Get Baby to Sleep in Seconds

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3 years ago

Getting a baby to fall asleep quickly can be troublesome since their biological clocks don’t start to develop until after they’re 3 months old. Most parents hope that sleep time with their little one is going to be a serene and angelic moment, but that’s not always the case.

This is why we at Bright Side gathered these 4 simple techniques showcased by a talented expert to help your baby fall asleep quickly and soundly.

1. Try to get the baby to focus on one thing.

This first technique is straightforward and works wonders. Naturally, babies are very curious and their eyes move around all over the place because they want to see their environment and their surroundings. So, if you can get the baby’s eyes to focus on one specific thing, especially if that thing is above their horizontal eye level, their eyes will get tired quickly and eventually they will close them.

2. Soothe the baby by passing your hand around their face.

The second technique is also easy to do and it works even better if your baby is already somewhat drowsy or sleepy. You start by passing your hand, gently and without touching, over the baby’s face. Keep going around and around, not back and forth. Doing it progressively slower each time is also a good idea. Repeat this a few times until they fall asleep.

3. Gently wiggle them to sleep.

Third technique works by giving a sense of disorientation, similar to the rocking of a cradle. While the baby is in your arms, place your hand on the baby’s butt and start wiggling gently. This will also cause a little wiggling around his head, giving a sense of disorientation that can get your baby into a deeper sleep.

4. Put it all together for the best results.

This last technique includes all of the previous tricks and more, like rocking the baby, wiggling, rubbing their fingers, shushing, hand passing, etc. It’s key to start doing everything a little faster and then slowing it down over-time until the baby is fast asleep.

Will you be giving these tricks a try with your little one? Do you have any similar techniques of your own?


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when I was little I had problems with falling asleep, so my mom took a car and was driving me me around on the road, I fell asleep fast this way


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