As Julianne Moore Turns 62, Here Are the 6 Secrets to Her All Natural Glow and Why She Hates the Term ’’Aging Gracefully’’

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62-year-old actress Julianne Moore proves that we can have a healthy glow and a fresh face at any age because the key to beauty lies in our attitude toward life, self-discipline, and a clean lifestyle. And instead of trying to erase or reverse the marks that the passing years are leaving on her body, this gorgeous mother of 2 has decided to view aging from a different angle. And her life philosophy made us appreciate her even more.

She swears by her healthy routine.


Julianne’s everyday routine doesn’t seem that complicated or impossible to follow, and it clearly works if we look at how radiant she is. She shared that her morning starts with 2 huge glasses of water, to which she adds a few drops of chlorophyll because she believes it is good for the skin.

And to soothe her skin, Moore tries to take 2 baths with Epsom salts, one in the morning and one in the evening.
The star also makes sure to get enough sleep. She noted, “I realized recently that my ideal sleep cycle is from midnight to 8. When I can do that, I feel fantastic.”

She keeps it natural as much as possible.

Jason Smith/Everett Collection/EAST NEWS

Although she wears makeup to the glamorous red carpet events that she attends, Moore revealed that she tries to stay barefaced as much as possible in her everyday life. She noted, “I never wear makeup [...] except when I’m on television.”
The mother of 2 says she also advises her 20-year-old daughter Liv to avoid heavy makeup. She explained, ’’That idea that you still want to see a person under all the makeup is one thing I’ll pass on to my daughter.’’

She also tells her daughter to avoid plucking her eyebrows, a mistake the star regrets making in her youth. She admitted ’’The one thing I always say is do not touch her eyebrows. Don’t destroy your eyebrows like I did and countless other women that I know.’’

She avoids having a ’’Sushi face.’’

Whenever she has an event the next day, Moore explained that she completely cuts off high-sodium foods, like sushi. This is why she labeled her puffy face as her ’’sushi face.’’
And the fact that she chooses to avoid sushi in LA, despite admitting how good it is, only attests to her self-discipline and her balanced lifestyle.

She loves her yoga sessions.

Courtesy Everett Collection/East News

The actress explained that she tries to stay active as much as possible, but not all physical activities come naturally to her, just like many of us. She noted, ’’I feel that I probably should start lifting weights again, but I get really bored with it.’’ She also added, ’’I used to run, but it’s too hard on my hips’’ so now she fast-walks.

Yoga, on the other hand, is Moore’s longtime favorite physical exercise. She explained, ’’I’ve been doing Ashtanga yoga for probably 20 years.’’ She then added that it ’’is the one form of exercise I’ve really stuck with.’’

Sunscreen is her must-have item.

Julianne explained, "Sunscreen is my number-one thing. I’ve worn it every day since I was 23.’’ The star protects her porcelain skin by avoiding the sun at any cost. She revealed that she always walks under the shade, even if it makes her feel cold. She also doesn’t ever sit at outdoor tables at restaurants. She said, ’’You get used to it, and then you can’t stand to be in the sun.’’

She says a big no to plastic surgery.

She has been vocal about being against plastic surgery because she doesn’t really believe in its efficiency. Moore admitted, ’’I hate to condemn people for doing it, but I don’t believe it makes people look better. I think it just makes them look like they had something done to their face.’’
She then noted, ’’When you look at somebody who’s had their face altered in some way, it just looks weird."

Bonus: She is sick of the term ’’Aging gracefully.’’

Instead of fighting the signs of aging by going under the knife, the 62-year-old chooses to accept her changing appearance as a natural process of life that we all must go through. She noted, ’’It’s part of the human condition, so why are we always talking about it as if it is something that we have control over?’’

Evan Agostini/Invision/East News

Furthermore, Julianne disagrees with the term ’’aging gracefully,’’ and she believes that ’’There’s so much judgment’’ in it. She added, “Is there an ungraceful way to age? We don’t have an option, of course. No one has an option about aging, so it’s not a positive or a negative thing. It just is.”

Do you agree with Moore’s views on beauty and aging? Do you have any personal tips or tricks for aging in an all-natural way?

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