Black Mom With Ginger Albino Baby Reveals What She Does to Make Him Feel Included in the Family

4 months ago

Vivienne Temitope Hassan, a 24-year-old content creator, recently shared her unique story. She is embracing diversity and overcoming challenges after welcoming her son Zayne, born with albinism. In an unexpected twist, Zayne, born to two black parents, has strikingly different features with white skin and ginger hair, leaving Vivienne and her husband astonished and intrigued.

Albinism: A journey of discovery

In the spring of 2023, Vivienne Temitope Hassan’s life took an unexpected turn when she welcomed her son, Zayne, into the world. A black 24-year-old mother, Vivienne was taken aback when Zayne was born with albinism, a condition characterized by white skin and blonde hair. It was a stark contrast to both parents’ skin.

Vivienne shared her initial concerns about Zayne’s health and vision, as albinism can cause sensitivity to light. Despite not having a family history of albinism, Zayne’s diagnosis became an opportunity for the family to learn more about the condition and adapt their parenting to meet his unique needs.

Unexpected surprises and unwavering love

Vivienne recalls the moment when the midwives handed Zayne to her, expressing a mix of shock and happiness. Despite the initial surprise, Vivienne and Ezekiel embraced their son with unconditional love. Zayne’s unique condition, however, extended beyond his appearance. At three months old, Zayne’s hair began to change, eventually turning a vibrant shade of red.

Vivienne then committed to making Zayne feel included. In a society that sometimes struggles with accepting differences, she took the extraordinary step of dying her own hair to match Zayne’s — a visible symbol of a mother’s love transcending conventional norms.

Navigating challenges with grace

Albinism often leads to photophobia, making exposure to light a potentially uncomfortable experience. Vivienne, being an attentive and caring mother, takes proactive measures to ensure Zayne’s well-being in the sunlit world. Before venturing outdoors, she meticulously applies sunscreen, creating a protective shield against harmful UV rays. Additionally, Zayne is adorned with a hat, serving as a stylish yet essential accessory to shield his sensitive eyes and skin.

Zayne’s experience with albinism impacts his vision as well. Vivienne shared that he faces challenges in seeing people from a distance. She underscored the long-term vigilance required in monitoring Zayne’s sight as he grows.

Vivienne also candidly shared the difficulties they face as a family attracting curious stares, but she remains firm, focusing on the joy Zayne brings to those around him.

Building a supportive community

To document Zayne’s journey and spread awareness about albinism, Vivienne turned to TikTok, where the baby now boasts over 260,000 followers. However, this platform has not been without its challenges. Vivienne admits to facing online trolls who criticize their family and even accuse Ezekiel of not being Zayne’s father. Despite the hurtful comments, Vivienne remains resilient, growing a thick skin and focusing on building a supportive community that celebrates Zayne’s uniqueness.

Vivienne Temitope Hassan’s journey with Zayne is a remarkable proof of a mother’s unconditional love and resilience. Through her willingness to share their story, Vivienne has become a voice for inclusivity and acceptance, turning challenges into opportunities to educate and inspire. Plus, she was able to foster a community that celebrates the beauty of diversity. Amid public curiosity and online criticism, Vivienne stands strong, proving that love and acceptance can triumph over adversity.


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