Blake Lively Makes Rare Outing With Her Daughters, Everyone Is Shocked By Their Resemblance

3 weeks ago

Blake Lively's daughters stole the spotlight at Taylor Swift's concert, sparking fan chatter about a surprising detail they noticed about the girls, who rarely appear with their mom in public.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughters showed up with their mom at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert in Madrid on May 29. Social media videos caught the family enjoying the show from the VIP section, where fans couldn't help but notice how much the girls looked like their famous mom.

The mom and daughters were totally into the concert, mingling and trading bracelets. Lively kept it laid-back and trendy with a white button-up shirt, denim shorts, and chic gold hoop earrings. Her blonde hair was styled in a loose, charming down-do, adorned with clips that added a touch of pizzazz, all styled with a side part.

However, fans were quick to notice the strong resemblance between Lively and her daughters, flooding social media with comments. Admirers gushed over the girls, saying things like, "They have their momma's face. So cute", "Blake’s babies look like their mama and I’m sure they’re kind too!!" or someone else wrote.

Another fan noticed a resemblance to her husband, writing, "They look so much like Ryan."

Evan Agostini/Invision/East News

People admired the star's ability to prioritize her daughter's enjoyment despite the scrutiny that comes with attending Taylor Swift's widely publicized concerts. A fan expressed this sentiment, writing, "She seems genuinely kind. It's so sweet they took their daughters to see Taylor."

There was also a buzz of speculation about whether Swift had subtly revealed Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' fourth child's name in her latest album. This stems from Swift's tendency to include their kids' names in her songs. On one occasion, Reynolds humorously addressed the speculation, saying, "We always wait for Taylor to tell us what the child's name will be."

this is so wonderful thing, so remarkable, she is a great mom for doing this for he child


Blake Lively's public outings and interactions offer a peek into their family life.

Preview photo credit Evan Agostini/Invision/East News, elfoodieaqp / Tiktok


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