Born Without Legs, Josiah, 13, Became the Star of His School’s Basketball Team, and His Unique Journey Gave Us Goosebumps

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13-year-old Josiah Johnson is proving to the world that the sky is the limit if we have the willpower and the right mindset to make our dreams come true. The teenager who was born without legs always wanted to be a basketball player, and today he is a highly valued and skilled player on his school’s team. He even refuses to play the game in his wheelchair, and he explained the reason behind his decision.

He has the right attitude.

As a kid, Josiah did gymnastics, but his true passion has always been basketball. His mother, Whitney, describes him as confident and stubborn, and thanks to his powerful determination, her son was able to make it on to his school’s basketball team. And today, he is impressing everyone with his talent.

The proud mother explained, ’’Josiah is very competitive, and if he feels like something is too easy, he’s not going to do it.’’

Josiah earned his spot by his own merit.

The teenager was determined to get selected based on his skills alone and didn’t want his special condition to affect his coach’s decision.

And this is exactly what happened. ’’He made the team. He didn’t put him on the team for no sympathy reasons or anything like that,’’ one of his mentors explained. ’’He showed up to every trial, he gave it his all. He put himself on the team by making the squad.’’

He continues to refuse to take the easy path.

Today, the eighth-grader is thriving as a basketball player and is considered to be really good at it, as he continues to lead the team to victory. And he is doing this without taking the easy road. In fact, the teen refused to play wheelchair basketball even though he had been offered the chance because he believed that it would make it ’’too easy."

Moreover, he is using his position on the ground to his benefit. This makes him a natural at taking the ball, dribbling, and making passes. And it was also revealed that his opponents find it really hard to beat him.

He doesn’t want people to feel sorry for him.

Josiah admitted, “People feel bad for me playing basketball.” However, he insists that he wants to be considered as just another player on the team, noting, “I want to show them that you ain’t got to feel bad for me. I want to play on an equal level with you.”

And the young boy is proving every day that he fully deserves his place on the team. During a recent game, he got the ball from outside the 3-point line and scored during the last few remaining seconds.

Josiah is a true inspiration because his story proves that we can achieve anything we set our minds to. And when he was asked what he hopes that others would learn from him, the teenager answered, ’’To do something that they thought they couldn’t do.’’

What do you think of Josiah’s story? Do you agree that everything is possible if we have the right attitude and fully believe in ourselves?


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