Brad Pitt’s in Love With Ines de Ramon and Accepts “With Angie Was Such a High-Profile Disaster”

7 months ago

Since Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt decided to break up, there have been a lot of fights in court, which probably made them feel really stressed. But in the middle of all that, people kept talking and sharing news about Brad Pitt dating someone new.

Last year, he was seen spending time with another woman, and now he’s with his current girlfriend Ines de Ramon. Both of them went through breakups before and were going through divorces. It seems like Brad Pitt is getting more serious with Ines these days.

Ines de Ramon still solves the issues with her divorce with Paul Wesley.

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Just a few weeks after people said Brad Pitt might be dating Emily Ratajkowski (who later went on to date Pete Davidson for a little while), it looks like he’s spending time with a different lady now. Some sources shared pictures of Pitt at a concert with Ines de Ramon, who works as a jewelry designer.

Paul Wesley, who is 41, and de Ramon told everyone they were splitting up in September 2022. Even though they said that, the exact date of when they officially decided to separate still needs to be sorted out legally, according to the divorce papers.

Brad Pitt doesn’t want any drama anymore.

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Brad Pitt and Agelina Jolie were together for about ten years, and finally, in 2016, Jolie said they should stop being married. She said there were big problems they couldn’t fix. But there’s more to the story. They also argued about the vineyard they bought together. Pitt thought Jolie sold her part of it in a way that wasn’t right, so he took her to court.

Now, the source who knows them says, “Brad’s relationship with Angie was such a high-profile disaster, and it is quite the opposite with Ines. She is zero drama and very low-key.”

It wasn’t an exclusive relationship in the beginning.

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The insider shares that they’ve been going out for a few months, and Brad really likes being with Ines. They met through a friend, and “she’s a really nice person.”

Another friend close to Brad confirmed some time ago that they’re seeing each other but not in a super serious way. “[They] recently started dating. [But] it’s not an exclusive relationship. Ines is cute, fun and energetic. Brad enjoys spending time with her.”

On December 16, People reported that Brad and Ines seemed very couple-like at the after party for his movie Babylon in Los Angeles. They were seen mingling with others, sometimes with their arms around each other. This was their first major public appearance together since people started talking about them dating in November.

The realtionship got serious.

To end 2022, Brad and Ines shared some vacation pictures, showing everyone that they are indeed a couple. The photos captured them relaxing by the pool, both shirtless, with no one else around. It looks like they’re enjoying each other’s company, chatting, and reading by the water.

Pitt and de Ramon marked their one-year anniversary in September 2023. The source shared, “Their relationship is stronger than ever, and they spend almost all their free time together.” Additionally, the source mentioned that de Ramon has become close to Pitt’s friends.

It was also noted that Pitt hasn’t introduced his kids to Ines yet, not because he doesn’t care about her, but because he wants to make sure their relationship is serious before taking that big step. The source explained, “He’s been with a few women in the past, but he hasn’t brought any of them to meet his kids.” Pitt is content with how things are going with de Ramon and isn’t in a hurry to rush; he prefers to let their relationship develop naturally.

Brad and Ines are now deeply committed to a serious relationship, cherishing their connection and the bond they’ve formed. Despite the depth of their commitment, they are not in a hurry to rush into marriage. “Brad and Ines’ relationship is going really well. They’re in love.”

Preview photo credit Coleman Rayner/East News, Castel Franck/ABACA/Abaca/East News


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