Brad Pitt, 59, Is Said to Be “Aging Backwards” as He Was Spotted Filming an Ad Looking Strangely Youthful

11 months ago

Brad Pitt, the ageless heartthrob of Hollywood, was spotted in France looking fresh and youthful as he filmed a commercial for the Italian brand De’Longhi. Once the paparazzi photos leaked on the web, people immediately noticed that he looked even younger than he did several years ago.

It all started with one ad.

Brad has been working in France. The star was spotted in the French Riviera region starring in an ad campaign for an Italian kitchen appliance company called De’Longhi. Pitt was also working with Karina Beuthe on the set.

Pitt wanted to work with De’Longhi.


According to the actor, he was willing to star in the campaign. He then added that he started appreciating his coffee time even more, “The European, specifically Italian idea about creating a sort of ceremony associated with coffee. I like that idea of sitting down on my couch and really enjoying my cup of coffee.”

People noticed that he looked unusually youthful.

People noted how youthful Brad Pitt looked. With a stylish appearance and a short haircut, he seemed to have shed 20 years. The actor was even compared to the character from his 2008 film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button — about a man who ages in reverse.

He’s not afraid of getting older.

Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Abaca/East News

In one interview, the actor was asked how he felt about aging in the film business. Pitt replied, “I don’t want to be running from aging. It’s a concept we can’t escape, and I would like to see our culture embracing it a bit more, talking about it in those terms.” He also mentioned that he didn’t like the word “anti-aging” calling it a “ridiculous fairy tale”.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s relationship has evolved into a close friendship after their breakup, demonstrating that it’s possible to maintain a respectful connection post-divorce. From their first meeting in 1994 to their marriage in 2000 and subsequent divorce in 2005, the couple has navigated the ups and downs with grace, never speaking ill of each other, and even rekindling their friendship at Aniston’s 50th birthday party.

In a candid revelation, Margot Robbie admitted to having a crush on Brad Pitt during the filming of the 2022 movie “Babylon.” Seizing the opportunity, Robbie included a spontaneous kiss with Pitt, explaining, “When else am I gonna get the chance to kiss Brad Pitt? I’m just gonna go for it.”

Brad Pitt’s on-screen kiss with Kirsten Dunst in “Interview with the Vampire” was an uncomfortable moment for the young actress. Reflecting on the experience, Dunst described the kiss as “disgusting,” emphasizing that she was a late bloomer and didn’t kiss anyone else until she was 16. Her recollection adds to the list of actors who have shared awkward or uncomfortable moments with their co-stars on screen.

Apart from Brad Pitt, there are also other celebs who seem to have turned time to their advantage. For example, Beyoncé and Jennifer Aniston.


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