Bright Side Readers Reveal How Funny It Is to Be a Family Person

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4 years ago

Love, support, help. Yes, it’s all about family. But we suggest one more definition for it — fun. Family life can be full of laughter and humor, boost your mood, and make you a more positive person. And this is exactly what happens to our readers and their loved ones.

We at Bright Side picked stories and funny pics where family life is revealed in the funniest way. And some of them may sound familiar to you.

1. “Why I don’t sleep as well as my husband”

2. Kids always know what’s going on.

3. Color recognition can become a problem.

4. “I once asked my husband to get the chicken ready and came home to this!!”

5. Who cares about names?

6. We get what we ask for.

7. “The little sign I made for my sister and brother-in-law when I was picking them up from the airport.”

8. Everyone cooks in their own way.

9. Language can save relationships.

10. “Asked my hubby to have a girls tea...”

11. Warning: Lunch bag may contain surprises.

12. Clarification is needed.

13. “First time alone with the baby and my husband sends me this. He said: “She’s just having her breakfast.”

14. Mom will always find a way.

15. The best review ever

16. Kids change our lives.

17. The most desired gift

What funny situations have happened in your family? Do you like to make fun of your loved ones? We are waiting for your stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit Anna Chamulak / Facebook


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#4 is such a creative husband if you ask me... ???


I love reading the ones about men who can't cook properly ??


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