Can You Find All the Scientific Mistakes in This Picture?

3 years ago

In September 1928, the Science and Invention editorial staff offered their readers a chance to find all the scientific mistakes on their magazine cover. There were 48 mistakes and if you found all of them, you would win $500. Unfortunately, we can't offer you any money, but we can give you a chance to feel like a real scientist. You could be the first person to find all the mistakes, because there is still no full answer to this riddle on the internet.

Bright Side would like for you to try and solve a 90-year-old riddle. Prepare yourself for something hard!

Tap to see the answer
Tap to see the answer

The authors of the riddle claimed that there are mistakes from all scientific fields, for example: astronomy, meteorology, hydraulics, optics, and physics. Take a close look at all parts of the illustration and ask yourself: how logical are they?

If you want to check your guesses right away, tap the photo above.


  • The shadows of people and objects are different.
  • The wind doesn't blow the cigarette smoke.
  • The lightning doesn't come from a cloud.
  • The lightning should have hit the highest object — the tip of the other tower.
  • Power lines are not connected to anything.
  • The sundial doesn't work correctly.
  • The houses in the background are too different in size: the house on the right is too big and the one on the left is too small. The scale is wrong.
  • The sign says that New York is west but the weather vane points to east.
  • You can see the spot where the rainbow touches the water.
  • The moon should be on the other side.
  • The sun doesn't rise in the north.
  • The corners of the earth on the weather vane are mixed.
  • The man sitting under the umbrella doesn't have a chair.
  • The dog walks in a strange way.
  • There is no reflection of the sun on the water.
  • The color sequence of the rainbow is wrong.
  • There is no trace of rain even though there is a rainbow.
  • The fountain water falls directly down. It's impossible.
  • The wind doesn't influence the water in the fountain.
  • The exhaust pipe is on the front of the car.

This list doesn't include all the mistakes. Can you find the rest?

Illustrated by Mariya Zavolokina for Bright Side


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