8 Crafty Riddles to Massage Your Brain

3 years ago

If you are a true riddle lover, this article is going to warm up your brain and stretch your imagination with 8 questions. You have to pay attention to the little details and think outside the box to get the answers right.

We at Bright Side want to give you these 8 riddles to crack.

1. What's missing in the photo?



2. A shooter

A man shoots his wife. Then he puts her under water and after all of it, he hangs her. And then they go out for dinner.

How is this possible?


The man is a photographer, he shot a picture of his wife, processed it under water, and hung it to dry. Assuming that he is old-school and doesn't like digital photography.

3. Find the treasure

A treasure hunter found a picture that is pointing in the direction towards the treasure. In which direction should he move?


If you rotate the picture 180° you'll find out that he should go...

4. 9 dots

Use four lines to connect all 9 dots without lifting up the pencil.


The solution is very easy if you literaly go outside the box.

5. Match and Math

There are three ways to solve this equation by moving only one match stick. You cannot break the match stick and you cannot use ≠ .


The answers are shown in the images below:

6. Ladder on a ship

A ship sailing on the sea has a ladder reaching down in such a way that the bottom rung is just above the surface of the water. The rungs are each 1 foot apart. When the tide comes in, the water level increases at the rate of 1 foot every hour and continues this way for 4 hours.

How many rungs of the ladder would be under water when the tide stops rising.


None. The ladder is attached to the ship and would be rising with the tide so the bottom rung will always stay just above water.

7. Bird on a car

There is a 20 km long bridge which can only support up to 2000 kg. A car weighing exactly 2000 kg starts slowly crossing the bridge and when the car gets halfway across of the bridge, a bird weighing 200 grams lands on top of it.

Will the bridge collapse?


No. While traveling slow over half of the bridge, which is 10 km, the car definitely would have used more than 200 grams of fuel. Therefore, the bird’s weight will not have any impact on the total weight.

8. Finding a brother

Rob got separated from his brother when they were kids. Finally, Rob found his brother’s home address, he knows his name but doesn’t know what he looks like. When he goes to the house he finds a mechanic, a soccer player, and a police officer in there. Rob immediately recognizes his brother.

How did he identify him?


Police officers and soccer players have their name written on their uniforms so he was able to easily identify his brother.

How many did you get right? Tell us in the comments and share this article with your friends to check out how many they can nail.

Illustrated by Natalia Tylosova for Bright Side


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