“At 40 Everything Changed” Carrie-Anne Moss Reveals How Hollywood Began Casting Her As the Grandma After Turning 40

7 months ago

In an industry notorious for its relentless pursuit of youth and perfection, one remarkable actress has stepped into the spotlight to challenge the status quo. Carrie-Anne Moss, renowned for her iconic role as Trinity in The Matrix trilogy, is raising her voice against Hollywood’s longstanding mistreatment of women over the age of 40.

Carrie-Anne Moss considered becoming a server while filming The Matrix.

Carrie-Anne Moss in a black plungeline dress with Keanu Reeves in a black coat white shirt.
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Moss revealed that while shooting The Matrix, she went through a challenging period. In addition to parting ways with her boyfriend, she faced significant financial hardships. She explained, “I wasn’t paid much money to do The Matrix. It took a year of my life, and I lost my insurance because I was working out of the country [in Australia]. I thought, ’My God, I’m going to have to wait on tables while I have this huge movie coming out.’”

Fortunately, she received an advance of $10,000, and the film’s remarkable success not only rescued her personal and professional life but also solidified her career in Hollywood.

Before her iconic role in The Matrix, Moss featured in the TV series Matrix.

Surprisingly, Carrie-Anne Moss’s initial significant acting opportunity came in 1993 with a TV series called Matrix. It’s quite the serendipitous twist of fate, almost as if destiny paved her path to becoming Trinity.

Despite the fame, Carrie-Anne Moss is a humble person.

Despite attaining fame, wealth, and accomplishment, Moss remains unspoiled by the trappings of success. She is recognized by the public as a modest and inspiring individual. Moss has shared that her spiritual journey was evident to her even during her transition into an acting career. Hailing from Canada and possessing a pure spirit, she skillfully navigates her path by staying true to her heart-centered approach.

She modeled before starting her acting career.

Group photo of young Carrie-Anne Moss with four other women in black dresses, posing.
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From her earliest days, Carrie-Anne Moss harbored aspirations of entering the world of acting. Following her high school graduation, she embarked on the journey of studying acting, but her initial foray into the professional world led her to the realm of modeling. Nevertheless, a pivotal moment arrived in her life after she watched the 1989 film “Field of Dreams.”

Reflecting on that transformative experience, she recalled, “I sat in the movie theater and thought at that moment, ’I’m changing my life right now,’ and I did.”

Side by side comparison of Carrie-Anne Moss in 1994 and 2018, wearing black.
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Carrie-Anne Moss talked about how Hollywood treats women over 40.

Carrie-Anne Moss, renowned for her iconic role as Trinity, recently shared her thoughts on how Hollywood treats women over 40. The actress candidly expressed her initial skepticism about the notion that “at 40 everything changed.” She emphasized her reluctance to conform to “a thought system that I don’t really align with.”

However, the stark reality hit home “the day after my 40th birthday” when she was handed a script that discussed “it’s not that role [you’re reading for], it’s the grandmother.” Moss remarked on the abruptness of her transition, going from “being a girl to the mother to beyond the mother.” This shift proved challenging, particularly when compared to the different trajectory male actors enjoy.

Moss’s commitment to staying in the industry was unwavering, provided she didn’t have to sacrificeeverything about myself in order to stay in it.” She noted the jarring experience of witnessing herself age onscreen, reflecting on the pressure and external expectations of the business. Her admiration for the confidence exhibited by “these French and European actresses” served as an aspiration to navigate the industry while staying true to oneself, acknowledging the complexity of this journey.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a celebrity who has also received ageist comments, but she’s not one to stay silent in the face of negativity. In a recent revelation that’s captured the attention of fans and critics alike, the iconic actress candidly addresses the ageist remarks that have come her way with a powerful response: “I Have No Choice.”


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