Cat Learns to Brush His Teeth Just Like His Mom, Now He Has His Own Toothbrush

3 years ago

Cats are willful creatures. So if they’re not letting you brush their teeth, you can forget about their oral hygiene for their next 8 lives. Luckily for Stephanie Isidro, her cat Achilles actually likes having a Hollywood smile and making sure his teeth are always clean!

We at Bright Side were really impressed by Achilles’ cleanliness, and we’d love to tell you about how he learned to brush his teeth!

Learning from his mom

When Achilles was about a year old, he started mimicking Stephanie’s morning routine. He would follow her into the bathroom and sit on the counter watching her. Then one day her sisters visited her and put all their toothbrushes in the holder. Apparently Achilles had been waiting for an opportunity to have his own toothbrush, because he hopped onto the counter and started brushing his teeth too.

“I was over the moon!” says Stephanie. “At first I was shocked over the fact he used my sister`s toothbrush, but then I realized how smart he was to just learn that on his own. He’s very intelligent!”

Habits can change

Though now Stephanie can be sure that Achilles’ teeth are always clean, it wasn’t always like that. At about 2-3 months old, she adopted him along with his sister, Athena. And when he was still a kitten, she tried to brush his teeth with a cat finger toothbrush. However, Achilles didn’t like it, so she decided it would be better to stop. “I felt like I was causing more trauma than good,” she says. Luckily for her, now Achilles is setting a good example for other cats in that regard.

One more similarity

This daily routine isn’t the only thing Stephanie and Achilles have in common. “Achilles sleeps like me! Tummy up and under the covers,” she says.

Do your pets like when you brush their teeth or is it a struggle? Are there any tricks that can help with this task? Do your pets copy anything that you do? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit stephanieisidro / Instagram


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Aw what a cute cat! Can't believe he brushes his teeth


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