Children Prefer Their Pets Over Siblings, According to a Study

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Having pets is as common as having siblings in western countries and there might be a strong reason behind it. According to a Cambridge study, children bond better with their furry buddies than they do with their brothers and sisters.

We at Bright Side were intrigued by the study and would like to share its findings with our readers.

The study was conducted to explore how having pets affects children.

77 children from different households were surveyed for the research. Each of them had one or more pets in the house and one or more siblings. The researchers from Cambridge surveyed the children and inquired about their relationships with their pets and siblings.

The responses of the children were recorded and compared.

It was found that children were more comfortable with the relationship they shared with their pets. Some kids also reported that they shared their secrets with their pets, with dogs ranking in the #1 spot among all different types of pets.

Lower levels of conflict and higher satisfaction were reported.

According to one of the researchers, children bond closely with their pets due to the fact that there’s no room for judgment. Children might like the fact that their pets don’t talk back to them and listen patiently. It was also found that girls were more deeply attached to their pets when compared to boys.

This doesn’t mean having pets is better than having siblings.

While it’s believed that children benefit from pets psychologically when they grow up, another study claims that fighting with siblings can have a positive effect on a child’s growth as well. Having siblings can encourage children to achieve more and control their emotions.

Do you feel closer to your pets than your siblings? Do you know somebody who can relate to this study? Tag them below!

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