Choose a Hair Color You Secretly Want and Find Out What It Says About You

3 years ago

There are so many colors that you can dye your hair! Your preferred hair color can say a lot about your personality. If you are thinking about a makeover and still don’t know what color to choose, we are here to help you.

Bright Side will help you to reveal the secrets you are hiding from the world. However, keep in mind that the article is written for entertainment purposes. So, have some fun and pick your hair color.


Brunettes are known for their hard work and determination. They always need to stay busy, otherwise, they get incredibly bored if there’s nothing to do. Their awesome planning skills help them to cope with any problems. Effective leadership is typical of them as well. Brown-haired people are associated with warmth and comfort. They are reliable, dependable, and cherish long-term relationships.


People with black hair are quiet, introverted, and a bit self-centered. They are mysterious creatures who love poetry. Although this hair is the thickest, black-haired people aren’t thick-skinned. They are sensitive, secretive, and thoughtful. They are good listeners, which makes them good therapists and counselors.


Redheads rarely suffer from low self-esteem. They seize the moment and always chase their dreams. In spite of being more sensitive to pain, risky situations don’t scare them off. Red-haired people are adventurous, energetic, and romantic. Stormy relationships spice up their lives as well. People with red hair are full of energy and quick on the uptake.


Fair-haired people are calm, relaxed, and down-to-earth and they don’t worry much about what’s going on around them. People consider blonde people to be bright and intelligent. Women with light hair are always in the spotlight so it’s no surprise that men regard them as more approachable. Still, blondes find it hard to maintain the proper stability in terms of relationships.


People who prefer this royal color are in total harmony with their minds and emotions. They are creative, artistic, and balanced. Purple-haired people think outside the box and they aren’t afraid of expressing themselves. It’s highly likely that they have tattoos. They strive to be individuals, and authority and rules are limits for them. If you have purple hair, people notice you and appreciate your creative flare.


If you have blue hair, you are likely to be calming, trustworthy, and peace-loving. People with blue hair are rational thinkers, and they always think before acting. People respect them for their heart of gold, loyalty, and friendliness.


If you have pink hair you are emotionally expressive and in touch with your feelings. Pink-haired people aren’t afraid to try new things and fashion is their second nature, which is why they are trendsetters. They are also considered to be warm and caring.


White-haired people are thought to be cold and unemotional, but their hairstyle is just a mask. Those who prefer this color are extraordinary and confident. Although they have a hard time finding their soulmate, they do get gentle and soft when they meet someone they like.


Those who go for gray hair are incredibly introverted. Sometimes they feel like they don’t fit in or belong anywhere. Their practical and calm nature causes them to seek a balanced and peaceful life. They are better described as wise, intelligent, and emotionally stable.


Orange-haired people are energetic, enthusiastic, and a bit childish. They inspire others and always manage to find fuel in an empty tank. They promote love and positivity. Their immaturity can sometimes be a problem, but their wit and positivity always helps them endure through struggles.

Do you think hair color can give away someone’s personality? If so, did we describe you perfectly?


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I always liked platinum blond hair, both on guys and girls... nice description about me, I totally agree :p


Purple hair color is my favorite, but I would never have enough courage to dye my hair like this :(


I am a brunette but I secretly wish to color my hair blue and surprisingly it matches my personality💙


I want gray hair but I am not intelligent but definitely ultra pro max introverted...


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